Enzo Zelocchi Discusses Success of ‘Starlight Man: The First Secret’ Trailer

Our host Kelly Gilmore sat down to chat with Enzo Zelocchi. Zelocchi is a Hollywood actor, director, producer, and influencer.

Zelocchi is a man of many talents who is constantly trying out new spaces in the entertainment industry. 

enzo zelocchi

Who is Enzo Zelocchi? 

Enzo started as a model at just 13 years old. He worked in Milan and New York. From there he started working in commercials and even television. 

Travelling from Europe and back, the “Unbreakable Souls” actor has  worked hard for his success. His incredible talent includes creating his very own production company, The Zelocchi Company & Enzo Zelocchi films. 

Zelocchi’s is so grateful to be part of the film industry today. 

‘The First Secret’ 

In March, Enzo posted a trailer for his upcoming project “The First Secret.” In March, it became the most watched video on Instagram. It has surpassed 24 million views.

According to IMDB, “Its 007 meets Batman with superpowers, an epic story of lust, power, politics and betrayal that will raise the biggest Hispanic superhero in the history of Hollywood.”

Favorite Movies and Genres

Zelocchi says that his favorite film genre is sci-fi. He would be interested in acting or directing crime in the future. 

When asked which project was his favorite to work on, he said “My Little Princess.” Zelocchi felt that the project made a deep impact into my life. “It made me realize the meaning of life and of community,” said the actor.

Zelochhi’s two favorite movies are “The Godfather” movies because “you learn from them or they make you think.”

He watches them from different eyes each time; sometimes he watches as a writer, director, or actor.  

Always Be Authentic

Enzo attributes his success on social media to his authenticity. He only posts things that mean something to him. 

According to him, he never does things randomly. He is a thinker. 

Enzo explains that the entertainment industry  is a business. He wants to open his own production company so that he can be a puppet or a puppeteer. 

What’s Next?

Zelocchi said that some of his next moves outside of the entertainment industry would be to get into the medical world. He wants to help the way that the country addresses healthcare needs. His vision is to create something like Amazon for healthcare. This is a project he has been working on for years. Enzo hopes to open a foundation that really makes a difference for all Americans. 

“I would love to be remembered for making a change in someone’s life,” Zelocchi said. 

As far as entertainment, Zelocchi hopes to open his own studio eventually. He wants to “bring back amazing films.”

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