Everything We Know About Lady Gaga’s New Album

Lady Gaga reveals Chromatica tracklist and guest features


Attention Little Monsters! Lady Gaga has finally announced her next album “Chromatica” is coming out on May 29th! The highly anticipated sixth-album by Gaga was originally supposed to be released on April 10th, but due to COVID-19, the pop star decided to delay the album in favor of focusing on relief efforts from the coronavirus.

The announcement of LG6 was back in March following the release of her single, “Stupid Love.” Following the announcement of “Chromatica,” Gaga also announced the “Chromatica Ball” beginning with a six-date summer tour in the U.S. and Europe, leaving fans excited that she will begin touring again in addition to her Las Vegas residency, “Enigma.”

Following the postponement of “Chromatica,” the pop-star has been involved with finding solutions to create a vaccine for the coronavirus. She collaborated with WHO for One World Together at Home, where she raised millions of dollars from donors and supporters with the money going toward PPE supplies and testing kits around the world. After the event was aired, fans continue to anxiously wait when Gaga will announce the new release date of “Chromatica.”

At long last on May 6th, Gaga dropped the release date of her sixth album with fans unable to contain their excitement. To continue the hype of her album, Gaga also dropped new merchandise on her website to promote her album which includes “Chromatica” shirts, sweatshirts, accessories and in Gaga fashion, “Chromatica” thongs and jockstraps. The merch also included a signed album, which quickly sold out.

Lady Gaga unveils Chromatica album tracklisting | People ...

As she continues to drop promotional pictures of her album, Gaga also revealed the tracklist to “Chromatica” which we now know contains sixteen songs on the album and includes collaborations with Ariana Grande, Sir Elton John, and famous kpop girl group Blackpink, leaving fans of all artists just as excited to listen to the album once it is released. 

Get those paws up read Little Monsters, “Chromatica” will be released worldwide on Friday, May 29th. 


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