Fans Angry With Flo Milli Over Picture With Travis Scott

Don’t mess with Kylie’s fandom! While in Miami for Rolling Loud Music Festival, Rapper Flo Milli posted a picture with Travis Scott. It did not go over well. 

On her Instagram story, the rapper posted a picture with Scott with the caption – “Real life Barbie & Ken vibeeesss”, followed by a pink heart. The photo was just of the two next to each other, and did not really insinuate a relationship. 

Although the picture was not of the two embracing in anyway, it did not sit well with Kylie Jenner’s fans, as many of them did not have nice things to say about it.

flo milli
Credit: Instagram via Flo Milli

The Backlash

After Flo Milli posted this Instagram story, fans went wild. Many slid into her DM’s, as well as posted on Twitter about the post. 

One fan said on Twitter, “Maybe because he has a child and is in a relationship? Y’all don’t look like barbie and ken please, you just wanted to say that.” “nah you know exactly what did you lol. Don’t say y’all look like barbie and ken a whole ass couple when Travis has a family. Period, you wanted the attention”, another tweet said. 

Flo Milli shared some of the negative responses from her DM’s, that were not pleasant. “He don’t want yo stank a**”, “You a f*ckin thot man you for everybody he know better. Tryna be the next Kylie gtfo.”, the commenter said. 

flo milli
Credit: Twitter via Flo Milli

Flo Milli’s Response 

Flo Milli was not going to take the criticism, and quickly responded on social media. The rapper said, “all I said was I look like barbie and he looks like ken”, with a few emojis. She also said, “leave me alone”. It doesn’t seem that the comments bothered her too much, as she seems to have had a great time and performance in Miami. 

Many were standing up in the rapper’s defense. One Flo Milli fan said, “you look better with him anyways, kylie can cry about it.” “They mad cause you’re where they wanna be Rn”, another one said. Others commented on the fact that the two could just be great friends who happened to be at the same Miami party.  There hasn’t been a response from Scott or Jenner on the incident. 

What do you think? Do you think that these comments were warranted? Or was Flo Milli just trying to harmlessly post a photo? Let us know by dropping a comment down below!

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