Fashion Brands Making Coronavirus Masks

Need to go outside for a walk? On your way to make an essential errand? Do you run an essential business or act as an essential worker? 

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, AND want to look stylish in the mask you choose to wear out, check out these fashion brands making cute face masks. 

Custom Masks

Brand Marinade has shifted their focus (and entire factory production) from t-shirts to face masks with their initiative T-Masks. 


Good American is selling non-medical, washable, reusable denim face masks to keep you sanitary and stylish during social distancing. 

Los Angeles based designer Ripley Rader has created a variety of stylish masks for her “Look Good Do Good” charity, in which a consumer purchases one mask, and two more are donated to at-risk patients or healthcare workers. 

AKings vegan python mask

AKings is selling a special ‘Vegan Python Mask,’ which is priced at $100. Safe? Yes. Stylish? Yes. Worth it? You decide! 

For every one of these fun masks sold, ATA will also be donating a mask to California hospitals. 

Pre-Historic Drip Face Mask Face Masks Electro Threads

If you’re looking for a vibrant mask to match your vibrant personality, check out the masks available at Electrothreads.

Assorted Colors

Caraa has started a new initiative, Caraa Cares, to provide non-medical masks to whoever may desire them. 

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