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It seems like every day there’s a new influencer to keep up with. What influencer should you follow? Who has originality? Who is interesting? 

These style influencers keep up with the latest trends and give fabulous fashion inspiration! These are the most fashionable influencers you need to follow.

Devon Lee  Carlson

Devon Lee Carlson is without a doubt the influencer it-girl of 2020. Known for her megawatt smile and quirky style, Carlson, 26, is the girl we all want to be.

If you’re wondering why the early 2000’s trend is back in full force, Carlson would be the reason for that.

When Carlson started dressing in her throwback attire, her popularity grew exponentially. Mixing prints, rocking low rise pants and wearing the best graphic tees, Carlson’s aesthetic has inspired teenage girls everywhere.

We expect nothing less than being a trend setter from Bella Hadid’s BFF.

Carlson spoke to i-D about influencing her demographic of primarily young girls.

“A lot of the girls that message me are like, ‘You give me so much confidence to wear what I want to wear’,” she said. “I like being that to younger kids because I feel like I didn’t really have that.”

On top of being an Instagram sensation, Carlson and her family own the popular phone case company, “Wildflower Cases”.

Christie Tyler

Better known as @NYCBambi, Christie Tyler is a fashion muse personified.

The regal elegance in Tyler’s style is reflected in every outfit. Tyler’s fashion sense goes beyond trends and more into the high fashion realm. While elegance can come off as boring sometimes, Tyler’s outfits always have a modern edge that serves as the perfect balance.

Always choosing a simple hairstyle, and a no makeup makeup look, Tyler, 23, knows how to let her outfits speak for themselves.

If you’re looking for a colorful wardrobe, you won’t find it there. Color is not her thing; you can find Tyler in her signature black, white, and earth tone outfits only.

With an immaculate style, there is a reason why Tyler works with fashions top designers. The influencer has brand deals from major names like Burberry, Chloé and Chanel to name a few.

Dolce Telmah

Has anyone seen Dolce Telmah look anything but fashionable at all times? Because we sure haven’t.

Telmah is someone who’s passion for fashion is apparent at first glance.

The 21-year-old rising influencer gained popularity as being the little sister of Youtuber, Denzel Dion. Now, Telmah is making a name for herself.

Over that last year, Telmah has only gained more attention for her immaculate taste in fashion. Telmah’s attention to detail leaves followers asking for outfit details every time, and we can’t blame them.

Telmah manages to look polished with every new look and makes it look effortless. A lot of the times, we worry clothing will wear us, but Telmah’s confidence shines threw like the best accessory.

The young influencers fashion sense can be compared to that model off duty look so many strive for.

Bretman Rock

We all know Bretman Rock for his make up skills, but 2020 revealed the beauty guru’s fashionista side and we all loved to watch.

Rock’s fluidity between masculine and feminine clothing gives him the room to be endlessly creative with his style choices. We see this when he dawns oversized suits one day, and a tennis skirt the next.

Throughout quarantine, Rock, 22, served us a new look almost every day. On his Instagram story, Rock started a daily segment where he showed off his outfit of the day and the music that inspired Rock’s choice.

Getting to see Rock explain why he put an outfit together, gave us an insight into his personal style, and what inspires him creatively. Not to mention coloring his hair a new color every week of lockdown gave his look an extra flare.

We look forward to see Rock’s style journey continue to evolve and hope he keeps letting us watch.

Alani Figueroa

Alani Figueroa is the poster child for mastering street wear, and then taking it to a whole other level. The influencer, who made a name for herself under the handle @wuzg00d, takes on popping colors and crazy prints and manages to make it look easy.  

A look at her Instagram and you’re immediately flooded with outfits the average person wouldn’t dare to wear. A hot pink, leopard print, faux fur coat, flared purple pants and neon green boots are just some of her closet standouts.

Figueroa’s eye for fashion has even caught the eye of fashion powerhouses.

In an interview with VFILES, Figueroa, 24, mentioned getting a personal invitation to Moschino creative director, Jeremy Scott’s studio.

“His assistant Victorio hit me and he was just like ‘Yo Jeremy loves you and wants you to come to the show, he wants to you stop by the showroom style yourself do whatever you wanna do,” she said. “And I was just like what? Are you kidding? So I went to the showroom and felt like I was in a movie.”

With her unpredictable style keeping us on our toes, we’re sure Figueroa can expect more designers calling her line.

Molly-Mae Hague

The reality star turned influencer, captivated audiences with her fashion on screen, and two years later we’re still in awe.

When Molly-Mae Hague appeared on Love Island UK, viewers were instantly obsessed with her style. Hague, 21, instantly became her season’s fashion guru, and one of the most stylish contestant’s the series has ever seen.

 Five million Instagram followers later and Hague continues to be at the top of her fashion game, with her style evolving and maturing.

What makes following Hague even better is that the influencer is amazing at always tagging her clothing so her audience can find the piece for themselves.

Hague stays up to speed with all the latest trends and even has two Pretty Little Thing collaborations under her belt. With a natural eye for fashion, Hague mixes designer items with affordable pieces seamlessly, in a way many other influencers try and fail to do.

What influencer is your style icon? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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