Fashion Hits And Misses At Billboard Music Awards 2020

Award season always means fashion. Celebrities step out in their best looks. They use their fashion to make statements, show their style, and dress up for the night. At the Billboard Music Awards, celebrities really brought the style. Here are some of our favorite and least favorite looks.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X always comes through with the big and sparkly looks. He never fails to make a statement with color and glam. He came wearing a pale green and pink snakeskin Gucci suit. It looked incredible on him and was such a look to remember. Snakeskin may be on its way out in terms of trends, but the pale green and pink put a fun twist on the basic snakeskin look.

Addison Rae

Addison Rae may not be a musician, but she sure was one of the biggest talking points on social media following the show. She wore two different black gowns during the night. One was more revealing and had various cut-outs, while the other was a black strapless look paired with pants. Addison never looks terrible in anything because she is so beautiful, but she is so young; she should be wearing bright colors and experimenting with something other than black. Black is such a safe color, and she is too young to be wearing this much black.

Julia Michaels

Michaels came wearing a tool top paired with black pants and boots. The top was huge and took over the whole look. Her makeup and natural beauty shined through, but the tool made it difficult; it was almost distracting. Was she possibly trying to cover something up with all of the fabric?

Alicia Keys

Can we take a moment? Alicia Keys gave us everything we have been needing. She wore a sparkly bodysuit with long hair and bangs during her performance. It was a moment, and it was everything. Queen Alicia never disappoints and did not disappoint at the Billboards.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly is such a ray of sunshine, and she has one of the most unique voices in music. She is a fantastic person and mother, but her outfits were not it. One sparkly look is enough. There is no need to wear multiple sparkly looks. Since she was the host, she had various opportunities to come dressed in different looks and sport different styles, but it felt like she was wearing the same thing just a bit differently.


Sia wore typical Sia fashion. She used her hair and large outfit to hide her identity. The look is iconic to her and her style. The bow on her head was giant, and she also had a large bow on her dress. She was serving real Jojo Siwa realness with all of the bows throughout her look. There is not much more to say about this look other than it is very similar to the different looks that Sia has done in the past.


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Lizzo used her platform and her fashion to make a statement. Her “VOTE” dress paired with strappy heels made politics sexy and brought attention to her message. Lizzo looked stunning; her hair, her makeup, everything about her look, served!


Queen Cher never disappoints. Cher wore a black two-piece set paired with dangling silver embellishments. The look was dark yet elegant and very youthful for the 74-year-old legend. The gothic style had a young and cool twist. Her hair was long and wavy and was just so naturally gorgeous. Cher is a fashion icon and showed up this year.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat showed it all last night. She wore a sexy bodysuit that covered her entire body with sparkles. This look was nothing new for Doja, she has worn something very similar to this before, but it was still so gorgeous! She can keep wearing this look, and it would never get old! The light purple shoes were everything and brought the whole look together.

All in all, the looks of the night were pretty impressive, and almost everyone looked stunning. Fashion is always such a beautiful part of the award season, and it is still so exciting to see what all of the celebrities have on during the shows.

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