Fashion Trend Alert: Low Rise Mini Skirts

Low rise mini skirts are one of the trends you don’t want to miss out on. Not only are they adorable and super trendy, but they show off your legs and look cute in every season! Low rise mini skirts are a huge trend and will be following us into our spring and summer wardrobes

Low rise mini skirts have endless options. The most popular styles are denim, pleated, plaid and flared. With spring around the corner, this is the perfect time to get a head start on your skirt collection!

Tripp NYC

Tripp NYC designer Daang Goodman creates unique pieces for any festival, concert, party and statement outfit. Their Pleated Plaid Skirt is one of their most iconic and loved pieces. Priced between $40-$60, you can rock an alternative outfit! 

Dolls Kill

There’s no outfit a mini pleated skirt cant fix. Low rise pleated skirts are one of the hottest trends and will be sticking around for a while. Stop N’ Stare’s Pleated Mini Skirt on Dolls Kill is priced at $38 and totally worth it. The skirt is low rise, pleated and has buttons on the side, what’s not to love?

Shop Tunnel Vision

If there’s one thing Shop Tunnel Vision is known for, it’s keeping up with the trends. They never fail to come out with their own unique twist on modern trends. Their Vintage Renewed Sweater Skirt is an innovative approach at low rise mini skirts. They upcycled cozy sweaters and added a lace-up closure on the side, creating the ultimate mini skirt! This sweater skirt is priced at $15. 


If you’re looking for a more bougie option, Balmain has a beautiful tweed mini skirt. Their Tweed Trapeze Miniskirt comes in black or white and has logo-engraved hardware on the front, priced at $419. A simple but classic mini skirt for any occasion!

My Beachy Side

My Beachy Side has the perfect low rise mini skirt that you won’t go to the beach without. Their hand crocheted Alouette Mini Skirt is low rise, has a drawstring and is priced at $132. This mini skirt matches perfectly with their Alouette halter top or Kiwi bikini, making the ultimate beach day fit! 

Sugar Thrillz

What screams Y2K more than a pleated low rise denim mini skirt? Sugar Thrillz has an amazing It’s All Love Denim Skirt that gives off the best vibes. The skirt is pleated, has lace up detailing and is the perfect length! This adorable mini skirt is priced at $40. 

With mini skirts being one of the biggest trends, there’s endless styles and options to choose from. Second-hand shops like Depop and Poshmark are another great place to find some unique low rise mini skirts! 

No matter what style you choose, your outfit will automatically go from zero to a hundred! Low rise mini skirts aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so grab yourself a few different styles and colors and get creative with your outfits!

Which one of these skirts is your favorite? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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