Favorite Memorial Day Weekend Getaway Spots

Looking for somewhere to travel, besides from the living room to the kitchen? 2020 has seriously sucked thus far, but that doesn’t mean your upcoming week has to! If you decide to step out of the house this Memorial Day weekend, make sure to bring a face mask along with you! There are several places to visit and activities to enjoy, while still staying safe. From the city to the desert—here are a few amazing spots perfect for a Memorial Day weekend getaway!

1.)     Southern California Beaches

Of course, Southern California beaches are a MUST! Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Barbara County beaches, to name a few, are open to the public, under certain restrictions. This option is perfect if you want to go for a relaxing stroll with your toes dug up in the sand, a warm breeze tangling your hair, and listening to the peaceful sound of waves clashing. Or, you might want to go at night to see if you can catch a glimpse of the bioluminescent waves! Either way, this is for those who enjoy a much more chill vibe.

2.)     Palm Springs


Another “chill vibe” option is Palm Springs! You can definitely rent out an Airbnb for the weekend and enjoy time with your loved ones. An Airbnb with a pool would be absolutely perfect under the hot Palm Springs weather. Of course, you can also have a small intimate get-together and barbeque!

3.)     Lake Havasu


Now this is a spot you want to check out if you want to see beautiful mountain views, be surrounded by sandy lake beaches, and walk along nature trails. Havasu lake is also ideal for boating and fishing, if you’re into those activities! The outdoor fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down though, Lake Havasu is one of Arizona’s best locations for desert stargazing. Residential areas have no streetlights, which allows for the night sky to shine, unlike a big city. It is also known to be a super wild party scene during the spring break season, too. Maybe not so much this time around, considering the circumstances, but still a really nice place to visit!

4.)     Lake Laughlin


Like Lake Havasu, this is a good choice for desert lovers, since it is located in Nevada. Yes, Nevada—casino’s, jet-skiing, boating, fishing! Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Well, wait, there’s more! There are tons of recreational tours, hiking trails, kayaking, shoreline cruises, and other water activities. If you’re an outdoorsy kind of person, you would love a Memorial Day weekend at Laughlin, Nevada!

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  • Chris
    May 23, 2020

    I agree with Southern California beaches tbh def a must …. but personally askin the writer … what do u prefer ?

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