Finding Your True Passion | Feel Good Friday’s w/ Liv Teixeira

Welcome back to another episode of “Feel Good Friday’s W/ Liv Teixiera.

In this episode our host, Liv,  is discussing how to find your passion and living a life that you are truly excited about. 

Your Passion is Always Evolving

The first thing to keep in mind when trying to find the thing that gets you up in the morning is to know that your passion is ever evolving. As a person, you are going to change no matter what over the years. 

Little things or big things might come into your life can change the way that you see things. Sometimes the path that you saw for yourself will evolve, it is not a single destinations

Your passions may change based on the different seasons in your life. You might have multiple passions.  Liv explains, “There are different seasons in your life, and you will have different passions in each of those seasons.”

Your Passion is Intuitive

The second thing to keep in mind is that your great passion and purpose is something that you feel intuitively. 

Liv says that passion is not just what you think you should do or what others say you should do. 

Sometimes you have to change gears and choose a new course that excites you. That doesn’t mean to keep starting and stopping, but try to find the thing that you love what you do. 

Your Passion is Cultivated

Finally, when trying to find your purpose in your life, keep in mind that it must be cultivated. Cultivate your passions through emotions and real actions.

There must be some trial and error. You create your passion from feeling and doing. Figure out the things that you are naturally drawn to.

Action mixed with emotions and real feeling behind them are where you will begin to truly understand what your passion in life is. 

What steps have you taken to help you find your passion? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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Host: Liv Teixeira
Edited by: Stephanie Alamillo
Written by: Vanessa Campbell

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