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Your ‘first time’ isn’t always perfect. Either way, it comes with a lot of factors that you can possibly avoid. 

If you’re looking for a night of candles, rose petals, and a sex playlist on your stereo, you may be hoping for something special. However, some people are looking to be spontaneous and prefer a quickie.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts for your first time having sex. 


Do: Wrap It Up

This is one of the most important tips to live by no matter if it’s your first time or you’re experienced with sex. Even if you’re romantically tied to your partner or if you trust them, it’s always important to remain safe. So, grab a few condoms or consider talking to your doctor about other alternatives before considering sex.

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Don’t: Feel Pressured

You should know that it’s your body and your decisions. Don’t feel rushed or don’t feel pressured to have sex if you are mentally, emotionally, or spiritually not ready to. 

This means that you should absolutely talk to your partner about your expectations and what you’re uncomfortable with. Don’t force yourself into a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable or pressured into.

Do: Choose Your Partner Wisely

It is important to choose your first partner wisely. For example, you may not want to engage in intercourse with someone who you don’t know. Doing this could potentially create regrets or new bonds. 

So, if you’re hoping to have the best ‘first time’ ever, choose a partner wisely. Choose someone that you trust or someone that is willing to communicate with you on expectations that satisfy the both of you. It may not be easy to do, but it’s all about what and who makes you comfortable.

Don’t: Feel Guilty

We live in a society that is afraid of talking about sex. You may have mixed emotions about your first time, but you shouldn’t feel guilty for having sex. It is a natural part of life. 

Do: Make Your First Time Worthwhile

First time stories you hear definitely vary. You’ll hear stories about a bad first time. Maybe it didn’t feel good or maybe it wasn’t as fun as expected. You can take advice from many people who experienced their first time, but don’t let it define yours.

Make your first time worthwhile; if it takes a bedroom and candlelight, a car, or other strange places, so be it. As long as you have someone you trust to communicate this to, your first time can go smoothly.

Don’t: Set Your Expectations Too High

We set high expectations and get disappointed in the end. If you’re expecting an enchanted love story when it comes to your first time, you’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t go the way you want. 

Having sex can come with awkward moments; it can get clumsy; you might even end up laughing during your first time. We can’t control what happens during our first times, but don’t expect it to be what you see in your own fantasies. 

Because of what they see or watch on television, people don’t always know what sex is supposed to look like. Everything is truly exaggerated. Don’t expect your first time to be like what you see in films, books, or adult movies. 

Expect the unexpected.


Take your first time as an experience. Not all first times have to be perfect; in fact, it can actually help you reflect on what went wrong and what to avoid. 

Don’t worry, your second, third, or fourth times will probably be better!

What other advice do you have for someone about to have sex for the first time? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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