Gabrielle Union-Wade Goes For #QuarantineNaturalHair​

Gabrielle Union-Wade Goes For #QuarantineNaturalHair

Stay-at-home orders have us all missing the salon, where social distancing isn’t possible with someone working on your head for hours at a time. Gabriel Union-Wade’s solution to going salon-free is her adorable natural curls she worked out herself at home and then shared a video on Instagram for her 15.9M followers. Union-Wade added, “When your natural locks appreciate the lock down. Unlocking the secret soon…
#InTheLab #QuarantineNaturalHairChronicles #FrederickDouglassRealness.” In response to her post Tracee Ellis Ross added, “Yes beauty!”

Tracee Ellis Ross is a hair icon, continuing the hair trailblazing her mother Diana Ross started in the 1970s. A self-proclaimed “culture of beauty expander,” Ellis Ross’ Instagram feed is a gallery of her curls and their active lifestyle, tagged #hairlove throughout. She even launched a beauty line for caring for natural curls ranging from 3B to 3C textures, called Pattern Beauty. All human hair textures are catalogued by intensity of coil. Hair that grows up and out of the scalp and coils the most intensely needs special treatment to keep from breaking off under mainstream hair treatments. Ellis Ross started her line because, “I was dreaming about doing this all through high school… I had logged hours and hours in the trenches with my hair. Many of us can chronicle the journey of our self-acceptance through the journey of our hair.”

Gabrielle Union-Wade is not the only one working out her hair’s inner potential at home. Somehow Kerry Washington is more busy during quarantine than before. Washington has been promoting “Little Fires Everywhere” and appearing on the One World Together at home concert, in beautiful natural curls, that honestly make her look so young and fresh during these stressful times. Historically, black women in America have their hairstyles dictated by more than just fashion trends. As recently as 2017, school dress codes have deemed, “Braids with extensions too distracting” to be worn to school. In 1981, American Airlines fought an employee in court, purporting that her hair was not acceptable and the airline’s win, set a precedent that can be applied in court. Some dress codes are making improvements and easing up on controlling hairstyles, like the U.S. Navy.

Some at home may be working through some things with home haircare. Gabby Sidibe revealed to her 1.8M Instagram followers that the edges of her hair have decided to form cute little puffs of their own. Sidibe points out, “The quarantine has humbled my edges.” Luckily with the internet and social media, there is plenty of support for embarking on natural hair at home—since shelter-at-home leaves no other options. Naptural85 Whitney White is the “OG natural hair vlogger” with 708K followers on Instagram and her feed runs deep with tips, product trials, and natural hair inspo. The Real Razor Chic has 742K followers on Instagram, through salon and Hair Loss Tours, Razor Chic brings hope to those who have lost hair from the effects of long-term, too-tight hairstyles that can cause breakage and fatigue follicles. Razor Chic’s videos feature moving moments where an artful cut that involves no added hair can transform a woman’s life, who had given up hope for hair re-growth. No need to ditch the salon forever, maybe change the relationship? Quarantine can be the time to “get to know your natural hair” – you won’t be alone.

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