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Graduation is undeniably a major milestone that can get pretty overwhelming. Got your white dress, your hair-do and makeup-look picked out?Is your grad party all planned out? Well don’t forget your graduation cap!

To help you go out with a bang, we’re sharing some of our top picks for creative graduation cap ideas:

“Thank u, next”

This Ari-inspired cap is easy to put together and looks undeniably cute. You know, just like you. So go on, tap out of college in style and all the sass you can summon. Done with this chapter, and onto the next. 

“Friends” Inspired

If you’re a fan of this classic ’90s sitcom, chances are you’re freaking out over the HBO Max reunion. What better way to channel that excitement into a creative project than recreating this graduation cap? With a little bit of paintwork you can bring Monica’s framed keyhole to life. And if this isn’t your favorite sitcom, tailor the cap to channel the show of your choice. Could this be any cooler?

 Honest Patrick

Channel your inner Patrick by asking the question that’s on the minds of every member of Class of 2021: what happens now? Now that you’re out of your lovely little college bubble and out facing the real world? Well, good thing is you don’t have to come up with any answers just yet – you have the rest of your life for that. For now, focus on making your graduation cap pop instead.

Cheeky “Harry Potter”

Were you the kind of student who didn’t show up for any lectures, or left all the readings till the night before the final? Did you sleep your way through most classes in the comfort of the back row? Well this cheeky cap is for you. And bonus points if you’re a Potterhead. Though your Hogwarts letter may never have come, you now you have one degree more than Harry does.

“Mean Girls” Homage

Just like the movie, “Mean Girls” caps never get old. Pay homage to the most iconic chick flick of our time by adorning your graduation cap with a “Mean Girls” quote. To fit with the theme of graduation, you can easily modify classics like “She doesn’t even go here.. anymore,” “Get in loser, we’re graduating,” and “My limit does not exist.” Your friends and family are sure to be showering you with love as you walk the stage; this is your chance to be as well liked as Glen Coco.

TV realness 

Can’t choose between alluding to your favorite show or joking about the very real financial drain college can be? Well luckily, now you don’t have to. Put on your graduation cap of Jon Snow-like wisdom and serve some much needed realness at an otherwise rosy celebration. At least this way, the finale to your college education would be more memorable than “Game of Thrones.”

Take inspiration from this graduation caps, and let your creativity run wild. You can’t go wrong!

How will you be decorating your graduation cap? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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