Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik are PREGNANT! YES, PREGNANT!

Yes, you read that right. 

Now take a breath and read again. It’s true! 

According to TMZ, family sources for the couple leaked that Gigi is about 20 weeks along with her boo, Zayn Malik. 

Gigi and Zayn have been on and off again since 2015, but they supposedly got back together in December. They were seen together in New York in January, sparking rumors. Then, Gigi confirmed the relationship with a Valentine’s Day Instagram post of Zayn. Ah, an officially rekindled love. 

Two days ago, Gigi posted some celebratory 25th birthday  photos on Instagram (@gigihadid) of her and her ‘quarantine family’ (which include Zayn and sister Bella Hadid) at her family’s Pennsylvania farm. 

No mention of a potential baby, but still adorable. Congrats to the happy couple. Entertainment Scoop wishes you all the best! (We also can’t wait to see the beautiful human the combination of these two will create.) 

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