Give The Gift Of Self-Care This Holiday Season

By: Jasmine Escareno

Tis the season for shopping! It is finally the holiday season, which means many of us are trying to do some last minute shopping. With this in mind, here are a couple of self-care items on Amazon that will definitely be your while! 

Pure Joy Aromatherapy Premium Kit 

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If you’re new to essential oils, then this is the gift for you! The Pure Joy Aromatherapy kit contains 6 essential oils: Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Sweet Orange. These oils can be used for relaxation, especially during bath time. As soon as you open the box, you can smell the amazing scents of these oils. It has 100% pure essential oils and no additives or fillers— just pure essential oils. Definitely a great product to use!
Retail: $12.99

Sunbeam Heating Pad 

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This heating pad definitely soothes aches for pain relief. We all might be in the bustle and hustle, but we must always remember to take care of ourselves. This product is fairly easy to use as the LED digital controller lets you switch between 4 personalized heat settings. The fabric is machine washable and backed with SoftTouch for maximum comfort.
Retail: $24.74

e-Diva Natural Jade Roller 

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A jade roller is a must have in your self-care routine! A jade roller is quite beneficial. It relaxes your face muscles , restores your complexion, and brings out your natural shine. It also  helps remove muscle tension as the roller eliminates fine lines and acne. This is definitely helpful for your face puffy in the morning. The product is made with 100% real genuine jade rolling stone that has some serious rolling action.
Retail: $22.95

Himalayan Salt Scrub 

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In general, scrubs are a great item to incorporate into your self-care routine. This Himalayan scrub is one of the best!! This premium salt scrub is an all natural pink salt scrub with lychee fruit and sweet almond oil that provides a cleanse for your skin. It is infused with collagen and stem cells to provide a natural boost in collagen and  increase skin longevity. Other benefits include removing dead skin cells, excess dirt, oils and other impurities. Detoxify your skin with this product!

Retail: $28.81

Burt’s Bees Essential gift 

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Pamper yourself from head to toe with Burt’s Bees essential gift set. This gift contains a deep cleansing cream, hand salve, body lotion, foot cream, and lip balm. For hands and feet, the Burt’s Bees coconut foot cream and beeswax hand salve will help dry skin. For the body and face, we have the soap bark and chamomile deep cleansing cream, and milk and honey body lotion that will keep you relaxed and provide the benefit of a refreshed look!  These products are all natural and formulated for all day hydration.

Retail: $9.98

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