The Pros and Cons of Open Relationships

We all grew up with the idea that a monogamous relationship was the social norm. However, not all relationships are considered exclusive to one partner. Times are indeed changing. Hello, open relationships!

Being in an open relationship can come with both advantages and disadvantages. Some people can handle open relationships, but others may not.

Here are the pros and cons of being in an open relationship.

Pro: Transparency and Communication

If you and your partner are willing to be in an open relationship, communication is even more crucial. Being transparent in what you and your partner wants will make your relationship stronger.

If you want your open relationship to work, you should definitely communicate in order to maintain the foundation of your relationship.

Con: Jealousy and Emotions

If you’re someone that wants your partner all to yourself, then maybe open relationships aren’t the best idea. The purpose of open relationships is to explore things and people outside of your relationship.

The issue is that in monogamous relationships, pursuing other people is considered cheating. Meeting and pursuing other people can create jealousy, for sure. It can also create feelings and attachment issues.

Ensure that your relationship will be healthy by establishing boundaries. Don’t be ashamed to say an open relationship isn’t for you.

Pro: Freedom to Explore

An open relationship may be preferable if you’re not done exploring YOU. Sometimes, settling down can be complicated and come with  emotional, and mental setbacks. On the other hand, being in an open relationship can give you the freedom to be with who you want and explore yourself! It can be a way to learn who you are and what you like/want.

Con: Excuse to Cheat

Open relationships may be a poor excuse to cheat on your partner. You shouldn’t consider an open relationship if it’s only a stepping stone for infidelity. It’s just important to be honest with your partner if you’re not romantically or sexually invested in them anymore. 

An open relationship doesn’t give you the freedom to do whatever you want. There should still be boundaries.

Pro: No Need To Commit

Yes, you should definitely remain committed to your open relationship and its boundaries, but if everything is established, you have no need to stay monogamous to one partner.

Some people aren’t into monogamous relationships because of their own values, morals, or experiences

Con: Sexual Health Risks

If you’re a partner in an open relationship, you are more likely to have multiple sexual relationships with others. Even if this is communicated and accepted in your open relationship, it won’t take away the potential of getting sexually transmitted infections.

Practice safe sex no matter who you’re with, and make sure that you’re protecting the health of your partner, too. An open relationship isn’t worth harming your sexual health.

What are your thoughts on open relationships? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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