Hallmark’s A Christmas Love Story

By: Jasmine Escareno

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Hallmark is known for Christmas films, so we knew this one wasn’t going to disappoint. Entertainment Scoop attended the early screening of “A Christmas Love Story,” starring Tony Award winning actress, Kristin Chenoweth. The screening was at Arena Cinelounge Hollywood, which was such a beautiful choice of location. A Christmas Love Story has a beautiful message. Katherine, a youth choir director, is stressing over their BIG Christmas Eve show, when she is suddenly distracted by a young boy’s voice leading to all kinds of adventures when the boy’s father Greg, finds out he joins the choir. It is based partly on Chenoweth’s life as well. 

TheMOMS host, Denise Albert, invited Kristin Chenoweth up for a chat! This film brought everyone to tears after the screening. Won’t say any spoilers, but there is a big revelation by the end of the film! Chenoweth talked about her experience making “A Christmas Love Story.” It was about a year in the making, and would not have it any other way as she loves Hallmark and feels blessed to have been a part of the film.

Everyone remarked on how much Chenoweth has brought such positivity in their lives. One audience member remarked how a friend passed away; however, before it happened he had met Kristin earlier in the day. This experience with a fan comes to show how much Chenoweth impacts people’s lives. When asked about her outlook on life, she says she is a human being like everyone else. Everyone has their bad days and times when you complain, and she calls that side as her “Kristin complainer.” Jokes aside, Chenoweth states that the thing that makes you different makes you unique! She reveals that she was adopted and was able to meet her birth mother. In that encounter, she discloses that she did not have anything to forgive her birth mother for as she understood why she did what she did.

This screening was filled with laughter, tears, and many emotions! A Christmas Love Story premieres December 7 at 8PM/7c on the Hallmark channel! Don’t forget to tune in! 

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