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If you’re looking to add an extra accessory and layer to your outfit, hats are the way to go. Whether you’re sporting a casual, classic or classy look, hats are the perfect choice and one of the hottest trends of 2021. 

No matter what your style is, there’s a hat for you! From beanies, to bucket hats to hair kerchief wraps, there’s something for everyone. 2021 is all about doing the most and accessorizing!

Cabbie Hats

The ultimate early 2000’s comeback are cabbie hats, also known as “newsie hats.” Not only do they give off “I tried” vibes, but they look really cute! Whether you’re going out for groceries or hanging with your friends at the park, cabbie hats are a staple piece. Forever21 has an adorable Corduroy Cabbie Hat priced at $9.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats aren’t going out of style anytime soon. This ’90s accessory is the perfect touch to any streetwear look. They come in endless fabrics and styles life fuzzy, denim and reversible bucket hats. Urban Outfitters offers a Utility Cotton Bucket Hat priced at $24.


Beanies are one of the best accessories that go with almost any outfit, in any season. Whether it’s a fall rainy day or cold winter night, beanies are both fashionable and functional. They’re versatile, stylish and warm. One of the most popular beanies is the A18 Acrylic Watch Hat from Carhartt, priced at $17. 

Hair Kerchief 

If traditional hats are not your style but you’re still having a bad hair day, kerchief wraps are a great choice. Kerchiefs not only keep your hair tamed but add a super stylish chic look to your outfit. Hair kerchiefs are found at second-hand shops as well as chains such as Urban Outfitters and American Eagle. 


A classic and chic option is a beret. Berets are an up-and-coming trend and will be making a comeback in the Spring. They give off major “Emily in Paris” vibes and really make an outfit pop. ASOS offers a Design Wool Beret in a variety of colors for $14. 

Wide-Brim Hats

One of the biggest trends coming back this Spring are wide-brim hats. You will giving off elegant cottagecore vibes in this style.

You can add a scarf or flowers to the hat to really make a statement. Whether you’re having a romantic date in the park, walking through shops or having a beach day, a wide-brim hat is the way to go. Lulus offers a Black Wide-Brim Fedora Hat for $22. 

No matter what you style or outfit is, there is a hat to match. Hats not only are a perfect accessory for spring time, but they make a statement and pull your whole outfit together. Coming in endless styles, fabrics and colors, the options are endless! 

What hat style will you be wearing this Spring? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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