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Adjusting to living at college can be hard enough! Sometimes being away from home is an
adjustment or maybe even having to cook your own meals is a challenge! One of the
challenges that comes with moving into your own place for school is living with someone else!

Adjusting to someone else’s way of living means being aware and making compromises for the
better! But what do you do if your roommate is super messy? Being in a situation like this can
be tough! Here is how to avoid fighting over the mess and work together to keep the place

Talk It Out

Telling your roommate they live in total mess might not be the best route to take. Approaching
the conversation with a long list of chores for them to do might not be the best option either. Try
to have the conversation in person rather than over text so things don’t get misconstrued.
Approach the conversation in a calm way and tell your roommate you feel that you both need to
make a team effort to tidy up!

Making The Team Effort

Now that you have got the discussion out of the way it’s time to actually make the effort as a
team to clean. This is sometimes easier said than done. Sit down together and discuss the
problem areas that seem to be the worst. Perhaps the dishes or taking out the trash! Make a list
of all that needs to get done and assign who wants to do what for each week.

Keep Track of The Tidy

To make sure you both are doing what needs to be done, set a checklist that is readily
available. This checklist of chores will not only visually remind your roommate of what needs to
get done but once it is checked off, it will allow you to communicate what has been achieved. This checklist can simply be a whiteboard inside your house or even a shared list on your phone in the notes app.

Make Things Easier To Stay Clean

Make sure to always have cleaning supplies readily available for your home. Making a
conscious effort to set things up in a way that promotes clean habits and avoids clutter will
lead to a tidy place. Examples of these practices include having a spot for clutter such as a dish
for car keys, hooks for your purses when you walk in, or having a designated bin for cleaning supplies under the sink.

Don’t Give Up

Don’t get too frustrated and have a positive outlook on working together! Chances are both
roommates are adjusting to each other’s habits so working together will only help you grow! A
clean place is more than possible with teamwork!

What ways do you keep your place clean? Drop a comment below and let us know your tips for
staying tidy!

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