Heather Rae Young Defends Tribute Tattoo for Fiancé Tarek El Moussa

When Heather Rae Young flaunted her new tattoo, she never expected it to go viral. But, that’s exactly what happened when the Netflix’s “Selling Sunset” star showed off her latest tattoo, a tribute for fiance, Tarek El Moussa, on her Instagram

In the since-deleted Instagram post, the “Selling Sunset” realtor, 39, rests her left hand on her side, flashing a massive diamond engagement ring as she exposes a swath of skin with the words, “yes sir, Mr. El Moussa” inked in cursive across her hip. She captioned the post, “Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. El Moussa.”

Heather Rae young tattoo tarek el moussa

The Backlash

After the photo was posted, followers were quick to question Young’s decision to tattoo the name of El Moussa, who was previously married to and shared two children with “Flip or Flop” co-star Christina Haack, on her body. 

Others questioned whether the words on Young’s hip suggested that Young is submissive to her man. 

Young quickly clapped back at the comments, insisting that her followers misunderstood the intentions behind her tattoo and post. 

“People blew it up to something is completely wasn’t,” she said. Young added that the tattoo was “meant with so much love,” for her soon-to-be husband. 

El Moussa even joined Young in shutting down the critics. When one disapproving Instagram user tagged El Moussa and asked if he liked the tattoo, El Moussa replied, “Yes, so much.” 

Heather’s Explanation

Following so much criticism, Young finally decided to explain the meaning of the tattoo to confused fans in an interview with E!’s Daily Pop“It’s something cute we do around the house,” she explained. “It’s like, you know, Daddy’s the boss and Heather’s the boss. And so, he’ll say something and I’m like, ‘Yes, sir.’ And then I’m like, ‘Yes, sir, Mr. El moussa.’ And he’ll say, ‘Yes, ma’am, Ms. El Moussa.'” 

Still, the pair decided to delete the post to “move on” from the stress caused by the backlash. 

“You know, I don’t like negativity,” she said. “I don’t like negativity on my page. I don’t like to read negativity. It really upsets me. And so, I’d rather just take it down and move on from that.” 

Young and El Moussa became engaged last July after El Moussa surprised Young with a beachside proposal. The couple, who got engaged after one year of dating, will tie the knot this summer. 

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