How Much PDA is Too Much?

We all know what public display of affection, aka PDA, is. This can range from something small and sweet to hot and heavy. People have the freedom to spread the love and show their affection for each other no matter when or where. Celebrities do it!

Whether it’s a peck on the lips or a makeout session, couples will always do it shamelessly. It can either make you smile or make you cringe, depending on the degree of affection. 

The question is: how much PDA is too much? Here are some ways PDA can get out of hand.


There are many differences between a kiss on the cheek, a kiss on the lips, and french kissing. Only one act includes the tongue. While making out in public may seem like a temptation, it’s not the most pleasing sight for all.

In order to save the embarrassment, a quick kiss on the lips in public wouldn’t hurt. Save the tongues for another private occasion.

Fondling and Touching

Public display of affection can go too far if it leads to more than just cuddling. If you’re in a relationship, don’t publicly put your hands where the sun doesn’t shine. Fondling and touching your partner anywhere and everywhere can make it awkward for people who want to go on about their day.

A lot of behaviors like this could be done private. Cuddling and holding hands could be the best degree of PDA because it’s harmless and barely noticeable.

Showing Off

PDA goes too far when you’re intentionally showing off your relationship in front of other people. This can even affect people that you’re friends with. Yes, it’s cute to express your affection for each other. However, if you’re doing it for attention or as a way to make someone jealous, are you really invested in the relationship?

Self-Esteem and Insecurities

Public display of affection can go too far if it affects someone’s self-esteem. If you’re around someone going through a break up, or pining after someone, maybe pump the breaks on the PDA.  They’ve seen the “happily ever after” films, give them some time before making them see it in public too.

 It’s obviously not possible to stop PDA from affecting the lonely hearts, but remember it can play a big role on self-esteem.

Overall Takeaways

It absolutely doesn’t hurt to share a public display of affection, but boundaries are definitely important, especially for those who are witnessing your actions. Going too far means you’re grossing out others, making people feel insecure, or making them uncomfortable.

Don’t be that couple.

What do you think is too much PDA? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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