How to Achieve the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

Isn’t it weird that we want to apply makeup, that makes us look like we’re hardly wearing any? The “no makeup” makeup look is one of the most sought after beauty looks.

While we sill love getting done up with a full face of makeup for a night out, there’s just something about a natural, fresh-faced “no makeup” look. The no makeup look has become even more popular ever since quarantine started, and these vibes are here to stay.

Not only is it easy and quick to do, but it is one of those makeup looks that look flattering on everyone. We’ve broken down the six easy and quick steps to achieve this natural no makeup look trend.

Skincare First

First things first, start with a skincare routine that you stick to daily. This is key to nailing the no makeup look as it will leave your skin looking healthy and glowy without any added makeup. Choosing the right products for your skin type is the most important thing.

For all skin types, hydration is important, but especially if you’re on the drier side. Hydration is key to this look. Make sure your skin is well hydrated in case you apply any lightweight foundation. This will help your foundation look more natural and not heavy. 

To do so: after washing your face and toning it, add a few drops of an oil serum with your moisturizer. You can also moisturize with a tinted moisturizer to lightly cover any spots or redness, but let your natural skin shine.

Brighten Up Dark Circles and Blemishes

This tip is a MUST. Looking bright and awake is one of the most important parts of the look. This includes brightening under eye cream and using concealer.

These tips will help rehydrate and brighten your under eyes, reducing any puffiness, dark circles and that “tired look” we all don’t want. 

To do so: tap your under eye cream below each eye for that instant brightness. As for your concealer, apply to the inner and outer corners of you under eye, and cover any blemishes or redness. You can use your finger to lightly blend or a beauty blender.

Stick to Your Natural Shades

We all love bronzer and blush, but make sure to stick to shades that match your natural tones. If you want some color, make sure you lightly use the product on your face. 

To do so: use a bronzing brush with your powder or cream bronzer, and lightly brush at an angle on your cheekbones. As for blush, same rules apply for the cheeks, You can even add a bit on the nose for sun kissed look. 

Define the Mascara

After you curl your lashes,  choose your favorite volumizing mascara and skip the eyeshadow and liner. If you’re not a fan of mascara, choose a clear option to provide some extra definition.

To do so: Apply the amscara to your lashes and build the formula up to achieve your desired volume. Apply a little on your bottom lashes as well.

Embrace Natural Brows

Don’t overdraw your brows. The fluffy, brushed up brow is the prime component to the no makeup makeup look. We all love achieving full and arched brows that look defined but to keep it natural, we are going to basically leave them as is.

To do so: brush up your brow hair with a spoolie. If you have any gaps, lightly fill in those areas with a brow pencil. Finish, by setting your brows with some clear brow gel.

Lip liner and Gloss to Finish

Last but not least, we all want that Kylie Jenner pout. This is the finishing step to nail this look.

You can choose a lip liner shade that matches your lips to achieve more of a pout. Pair that with a tinted lip balm, lip oil, or a lip gloss to give your lips the right amount of shine. 

To do so: first line your lips to accentuate the shape and give you a pout. Finally, apply your gloss over top and you’re look is complete.

Will you be trying this “no makeup” makeup look? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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