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A job interview is nerve wracking enough, but it’s 2021 and things are different. The job market is saturated and  the bulk of the interviewing process has moved online.

To set yourself apart as a stand-out candidate, you’ve got to exude confidence across the screen and win over your interviewer. But don’t let the online environment scare you off, we’ve got your back with these helpful tips for your next interview.

1.Do Your Research

A little bit of research goes a long way, so make sure to catch up on your reading. Scour through the company’s website, your interviewer’s LinkedIn, and any other relevant sources for key information. Remember: real confidence comes from knowing your stuff, and research is an easy way to ensure you know what you’re about to get into.

2. Avoid Fillers

Nothing screams “flustered” more than filler-words. Yes, you know the ones: like, uhm, err, and the rest of the gang. A good way to prevent yourself from falling into the trap of peppering your speech with filler words, is to be mindful of your speech patterns. Do you tend to ramble? Do you tend to draw out your speech rather than being concise? Practice speaking in shorter, more focused sentences ahead of time so when it comes to the real deal, you’re confident you won’t trip over the umms and uhhs.

3. Smile! 

No, seriously, smiles work like magic. Not only do you come across as someone who is cheery and easy to get along with, but smiling also tricks your brain into thinking you’re happy. If power-posing in your room before the Zoom call  seems a bit, stick to flashing your pearly-whites in front of the mirror. It will release endorphins, and have you feeling good about yourself.

4. Come With Questions

Interviewers love to see a candidate who actively engages with them, rather than just a robotic answering-machine. Make sure to carefully listen to what they’re saying, and keep track of anything you’d like to clarify or follow up on. 

If you go in prepared with questions, you’ll definitely be feeling more in control of how the online interview progresses.Even if you feel confident in your research and don’t have a million questions bubbling up, come up with a small list of queries to send their way for the sake of keeping the interview interactive and conveying your interest in the role.

5. Dress For Success

Yes, they probably can’t see how well you coordinated your new white blazer with those fitted slacks on Zoom, but it’s always a smart move to dress up. You know what they say sis – dress for the job you want! So go ahead and skip the pyjamas for an outfit you’d actually wear if you’d got hired. Not only does it show effort, it also reinforces your faith in yourself.

6. Pause = Poise

In a virtual interview setting where it’s harder to read body language, interviewers tend to pay more attention to aspects of your verbal delivery like voice modulation and intonation. In order to come across as confident and poised, slow down your speech to a pace where your answers sound natural rather than rehearsed.

Don’t feel compelled to answer right away; instead take a moment to pause, and begin only after you’ve had a chance to think through what you’re going to say. No one loses harder than a messy oversharer in a professional setting, so build up your confidence by allowing yourself the time to gather your thoughts.

What are your tips to slap an online interview? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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