How to Become a Successful Depop Seller

If you haven’t heard of Depop yet, you are missing out!

What is Depop?

Depop is a site where girls sell their old clothes, resell thrift items, or even sell clothes that they made. 

Depop isn’t the only site where girls are selling. They are also selling on sites like Poshmark, Instagram, and more!


Not only is it sustainable for the planet, but it is a great way to earn some money. This trend is gaining significant traction right now as girls buy less from fast fashion brands and are shopping more sustainably. 

Want to save the planet and start reselling on Depop? Here are some tips on how you can get started! 


1. Know Your Niche

Knowing your niche is crucial. Find what is particular to you. Discover your style and aesthetic. Determine your target buyers. These are all questions that you must answer and will help you find your niche. 

2. Find Good Thrift Shops 

If you are reselling thrifted goods, it is crucial to find good thrift stores. Look in your area and test them all out. Don’t just go to Goodwill every time, try the local mom & pop shops, because you might find some gems there! 

3. Know Your Market

Try not to compare yourself too much to other people. Use competition as motivation and try to find what makes your shop unique to everyone else’s. 

4. Pay Attention to Popular Items

Paying attention to popular items is an essential tip! If you notice that something sells out on your store, keep posting it. 

5. Take Good Pictures 

Taking good pictures is a make or break element to online selling. A customer is not going to buy an item that they cannot see. Try to include images of possible damages and pictures of the whole garment. 

6. Set Fair Prices

Pricing is critical for selling on Depop. Your prices must match the value of the items that you are selling. Depending on the item’s condition, you should price it accordingly. 

7. Be Unique 

Being unique is similar to finding your niche. What makes your store stand out? Be yourself! Let your style show through to your store. 

8. Practice Patience 

Most people do not sell out of all of their items on the first day of their store. It takes time and dedication to grow an audience and produce sales. Do not give up and keep working towards your goals! 

9. Do Your Research

Resellers must put in the time to research information on packaging, shipping, and logistics in the store. It is more than just posting a picture. There is a whole business side to developing a reselling shop.

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