How to Create the Perfect ‘Doe Eye’ Makeup Look

The “doe eye” makeup look has been around for a while, but by the looks of social media, it’s now back and more popular than ever.

If you don’t have the best makeup skills, don’t worry! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can create your own version of the trendy look.

Why the Doe Eye Look?

The eyes are known to be, arguably, the most looked at facial feature during a first glance, so it comes as no surprise that we would seek out makeup looks to enhance them.

The 1950s born “doe eye” makeup look has been gaining traction lately due to its universal flattering ability. By playing around with dimension, highlights, or shadows, you can make your eyes appear both larger and brighter. Follow the steps below and you’ll be sure to get the doe-eyed look of your dreams! have eyes like Faline.

To Begin:

Prime Your Eyes

Any great makeup routine begins with a great primer. To start, apply a small drop of primer to either a brush, sponge, or your finger. Next, dab it over your eyelids gently, remember the skin around your eyes is the most delicate! Let the primer set for a few seconds. 

Conceal Any Darkness

The key to this look is to appear bright-eyed and wide awake! You can’t do that with your designer eye bags still exposing you for going to bed way too late last night. Make sure to use a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone, and apply it underneath your eye in an upside down triangle shape. This will be sure to mask any unwanted darkness!

This step is optional, but I usually apply concealer on top of my eyelids as well to create a more evenly-colored canvas to start with!

Set the Area

Next, you’ll want to set the areas you just concealed/primed to ensure that they won’t budge. Apply a setting powder using either a fluffy makeup brush or a sponge under your eyes. One technique that works really well is baking, which creates a flawless matte finish. This step is important not only for the finished look, but it ensures your makeup’s longevity, and prevents your mascara from smearing.

Give the Brows a Lift

Natural looking thick brows are all the craze these days. To help give your eyes that lifted look, fill them in and groom them upwards into a high arch. This creates the illusion of a wider looking eye.

Final Steps:

Apply Eyeshadow

This step can be completely customized to what your desired end result is. However, keep in mind that light colors help to create the illusion of a bigger eye. Likewise, dark colors will sink your eyes in to make them appear smaller. For this look you won’t want to cover your lid in a dark eyeshadow. Instead, try a white or a neutral. If you are feeling edgy, a pop of color never hurts.

My personal go-to is a neutral top lid and then I sweep a bit of color just below my lower lash line. A great way to really make your eyes pop is by playing around with complementary colors. Find the color that is the complete opposite from your eye color. For blue eyes this is orange/bronze, for green eyes this is red/purple and for my brown-eyed babes, blue is for you!

Adding Definition

Defining your crease is a crucial step when aiming to make the eyes appear larger. To do this, apply an eyeshadow color that is at least a few shades darker than your skin tone to the crease of your eye. This adds dimension to your look.

On the other hand, you’ll want to highlight other areas to give them a brighter appearance. Grab your best white eye shadow or highlighter and apply it to the arch of your brow, and your eye’s inner corner.

Line Your Eyes

Another step that can be as natural or as dramatic as you prefer is the eyeliner. Using a black liquid liner, start the line a third of the way in on your lid. Keep it thin and draw it out past the outer corner ending in a wing.

Down below, grab a nude or white colored eyeliner pencil and rim your waterline creating the illusion of a larger eye.

Liven Up Your Lashes

Last but not least is the lashes! For this look you’ll want your lashes to be looking more dramatic than usual. They are the star of the show here! First, curl your lashes and use an eyelash brush to completely separate the lashes. Then use your best mascara to apply a few coats to your liking.

A great alternative is using strip lashes, which will really help to make your eye appear bigger and lifted.

And there you have it, the “doe eye” makeup look done by you! Now, conquer this trend and flaunt your Faline-like eyes!

Are you loving this look? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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