How to Feel Sexy, Even on Your Period

Being on your period can make you feel defeated and insecure, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Your menstrual cycle is natural and healthy and shouldn’t stop you from feeling your best! This list will help you find ways to stay sexy even when you’re on your period.

Even on those really, really bad days, these sexy tips will keep your hot girl spirit up!


One of the best natural remedies for periods is having an orgasm! This both releases endorphins, relieves cramps and helps you feel sexy! Whether you’re by yourself or with your partner, having sex on your period is super beneficial in all areas!


Whether you’re doing a selfie photoshoot or with your girls, put on your hottest outfit, or lingerie, and get to shooting. This gives you the chance to see yourself all dressed up, plus you can get hyped up by your friends. Put on that outfit, have the photoshoot and post the pics to show everyone how empowered you are!

Scent Therapy

From essential oils to lotions, smelling good will make you feel good. The Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Collection has a variety of scents for any mood. If lotion isn’t you thing, put some essential oils in an air diffuser and enjoy the relaxing smell!

Going Out

Going out and getting dressed up will get you feeling your best! Staying at home can give you the excuse to continue feeling like a couch potato. Get dressed up, grab some drinks and dance to some music and you’re gonna feel your hottest. 


Being on your period doesn’t mean you have to wear granny panties for a week. SheThinx period panties are both fashionable and functional! They offer a variety of sexy styles, patterns, colors and sizes! Not only are their undies functional, but they’re ethical and better for the environment!


Taking care of yourself during your period is essential. Whether it’s snacking on your favorite take out or doing a face mask, self-care is a lifesaver. To feel your sexiest, put on a stimulating face mask, use a Lush bath bomb and have a relaxing night all about you!

From having a girls night to a self-care night, putting yourself and your needs first is important! Feeling good inside and out will help you feel your hottest and it’ll show! Put on some sexy period panties, grab some drinks and do some self-care when you get home! You’ll be feeling sexy in no time!

How do you feel sexy during your period? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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