How to Find Hidden Treasures When Thrifting

Thrifting is one of the best ways to find unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. When making a trip the the thrift, you want it to be worth it and a success. This list will help you narrow down your thrifting techniques and find the goodies!

When planning a trip the the thrift, have an idea of what you want. Use Pinterest, TikTok and social media to inspire you and keep you up to date on trends. Once you feel inspired, get to thrifting!


One of the first stops to make when entering the thrift store is the go-back racks. Those are the racks with items people tried on or decided against. Those items are either the best pieces in the store or totally not your style, but it’s worth a shot. You could either strike gold or strike out but it’s a good place to start!

Take Your Time

When scrolling through racks, check each item; there might something hiding in there.  Going through each shirt might seem tedious, but if you’re lucky, your find of the day might be waiting for you in between the “ugly” items!

Men’s & Women’s Section

No matter what style you’re shopping for, check each section. There might be a killer graphic tee or perfect pair of pants waiting for you! P.S. sometimes people hide the good items in different sections!

Pajama Section

The pajama section might be your new favorite spot to check. From vintage lingerie pieces to Victoria’s Secret bras, the options are endless! The pajama section has some of the cutest lingerie and slip dresses that are perfect for summer trends!

First Glance

If you’re scrolling through pieces and something grabs your attention, just grab it! Grab things that you are drawn to, and then decide on it later on. This gives you a variety of pieces to choose from and find what really attracts you. It also lets you hold onto pieces you’re not sure of yet. 

Out of Season

No matter what season it is, check every section! Even if it’s summer, check the jackets! This gives you time to build up your closet for the next season while people get rid of their clothes because of the weather changes. One person’s trash is another one’s treasure!

No matter what your style is, thrifting is a great way to expand your closet! You might find new inspiration or pieces to make your closet pop. Having tips and tricks definitely helps you find the best pieces you’ll feel good about!

What’s your go-to thrifting tip? Drop a comment below and let us know! 

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