How To Find Your Very Own Netflix Style “Holidate”

The holidays are my favorite time of the year because it means that it’s terrible holiday movie time! Obviously, I had to start the holiday season with Netflix’s new movie, “Holidate”. It is a rom-com about two people who decide to date each other only on holidays, with no strings attached. Keep in mind, I love every holiday movie ever made. Yes they are cheesy, yes they are basically the same recycled stories, but they are also so, so good.

Details On The Film

Emma Roberts, 29, plays the main character, Sloane, who has been single for six months. Her mother, who you might recognize from the movie “Titanic”, is constantly asking about her dating life (same). 

 She meets Jackson, who is played by the Australian actor Luke Bracey, 31. The two meet at the mall when they are both returning their terrible Christmas presents. Sloane and Jackson begin to talk about their terrible holidays and decide to be each other’s “holidate”. The entire audience knows that these two will end up together. 

As each other’s “holidate”, the couple will spend every holiday together, but don’t talk much in between. By that, they mean they’ll spend every celebration together, from Valentine’s Day, to Cinco de Mayo, to Thanksgiving.

Hallmark Holiday Movie Meets Raunchy Twist Review

It was so fun to watch. I laughed out loud at least three times. It poked fun at itself. Emma Roberts, who perfected the mean girl role in “Scream Queens”, portrays a very relatable twenty-something single. 

Roberts plays a perfect bitchy millenial in everything that she is in. The “Scream Queens” star is just as witty and quick in this movie as she always is in other projects!

This movie is predictable, fun, and a little bit dirty. One downside of the movie is that it is so long. It seems to go on forever. I checked to see if I was almost done with the movie, and it was only halfway through. Some moments of the movie were unnecessary, drawn out or not fully explained. Overall, this movie is great because it is funny, and it can be watched all year long , since it doesn’t focus on just one specific holiday.

How To Find Your Own “Holidate”

  1. Make a fun dating app profile. Apps like Bumble and Hinge can be great for finding a “holidate”. Create a fun bio that says you are looking for someone to accompany you to upcoming holidays and see who responds!
  2. Go to a park. Have a dog? Been meaning to read? Head out of your house and make yourself look inviting. You just might meet someone. 
  3. Catch up with a friend. Think about friends from high school or college that you haven’t talked to in a while. You are already friends with them, so you can ask if they would want to commit to being each other’s “holidate”.
  4. Ask friends to set you up. If you don’t have any single friends who would be willing to be your “holidate” you can always ask them to set you up. Friend’s boyfriends might know someone who is interested.
  5. Try renting one. Do you really need a date for the holidays? You can always rent one! Check out this website that allows you to rent a friend!
  6. Get involved with something that you love doing. This is not only helpful for your life overall, but you might meet some like-minded people who you can ask to be your “holidate”.
  7. Fix your body language. If you always tend to be on your phone or if you have some serious resting bitch face, try to look more inviting. Get your nose out of your phone and smile. Someone is much more likely to come up and talk to you if you look approachable! 
  8. Say yes. Say yes to dates, new opportunities, and maybe even that guy at work. By saying yes you open yourself up to a lot of possibilities. 

If “Holidate” taught us anything though, it’s that things almost never go as planned in a “Holidate” situation. If you can stick to just being friends, having a “holidate” is a great idea! If you fall in love with each other, that’s great too! The real issue is if only one person falls in love and the other wants to remain friends. So, if you do find a new “holidate”, good luck!

Would you ever date someone just for the holidays? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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