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Graduating at home, on your laptop? Though this probably isn’t how you expected to graduate, you still deserve to be able to celebrate your big day! Here are some fun ways to make the most of your virtual graduation:

Online Graduation Party

Even if you can’t meet loved ones in person, invite them to watch the commencement ceremony and make a virtual party out of it. Set a dress-code that matches your school colors, design a custom virtual background, and wear your grad garb with pride.

You can even plan to give a little speech of your own at the end. The best part about graduating on Zoom is that you can have all your friends and family attend without worrying about the guest-limit or time zones. And if you’re feeling a little down, a quick look at the smiling faces of everybody who loves you will certainly boost your mood and remind you what a boss move graduating really is. 

Solo Photoshoot

Dressing up and having a fancy graduation photoshoot with your friends has probably been a dream of yours since you first set foot on campus. If you don’t have access to campus and are feeling gutted about missing out on this tradition, we propose an alternative: a cute little solo photoshoot! Put on your best outfit, order an inexpensive mortar cap, and grab your friend/sister/mom to take some photos for the ’gram.

You can always schedule a professional photoshoot later, but why not mark this special day with some at-home photos?

Drive-by Grad Parade

If you’re bummed out because you can’t meet with your friends, host a little drive-by graduation parade! Ask your friends to decorate their cars with balloons, streamers and spray-paint,and have them drive down your street as if they were participating in a national parade. Gather neighbors and loved ones to watch and photograph from the sideline.

Online Dinner and Watch Party 

The celebrations don’t have to end with the ceremony. How about throwing a virtual dinner party for your college squad? These are the people that made getting your degree a fun and memorable experience, so it’s only fitting to end the journey with them. Share a dinner over Zoom and then hop onto Netflix watch party to enjoy a great movie together.

Digital Scrapbook

Have everyone who attends your online graduation party fill out a page on your digital scrapbook. Take some silly photos on  Zoom with the funky filters, or ask them to use their favorite photos of you both together. This way, you can always flip through it later and relive these memories over and over again. It’ll make for a simple but lovely keepsake.

Secret Santa Style Gift Exchange

This one requires a little extra planning but it’s totally worth it! Get your friends together a week or so before graduation. and draw names via Elfster to find the grad you’re buying a gift for.

It can be expensive to buy gifts for every one of your graduating friends, so instead pool the money you’d be spending on multiple little gifts to buy one person a special gift instead. You can easily set a spending limit on Elfster, and even share gift-ideas with your unknown gift-giver. On the day of graduation, you can all get together on Zoom to unwrap them together. Looks like Christmas did come early this year.

How are you celebrating your virtual graduation? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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