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As a December 2020 graduate myself, I know firsthand how difficult it is to graduate in the midst of a pandemic. On top of all the usual fears that graduation stokes, the job market is terrifying, we might be far from (or trapped in close quarters with) our loved ones, and it can be hard to feel celebratory when our country is collectively experiencing so much loss. 

But graduating at any level of education deserves to be acknowledged! It is important not only for you, but for the people around you to be able to celebrate the good times, even in the bad! Here are six things I did to mark my graduation that helped it to still feel really special for me. 

Get the Cap Anyway and Decorate It!

My university doesn’t do any commencement ceremony for December grads, you have to take part in the May commencement either before your official grad date or about six months after. Since there’s no ceremony, there’s no cap and gown or ceremonial stoles, so I went ahead and ordered my own! I got a cheap 2020 graduation cap from Amazon and some art supplies and got to work customizing my very own graduation cap to mark the momentous occasion! 

Make Sure to Take Those Grad Pics 

Many campuses across the country are closed even to their own students unfortunately, but grad pics can be taken anywhere! Whether there’s someone in your household that can be your photographer, or you want to pick up a tripod and be a self-timer photoshoot icon, find a beautiful background to frame you and then bask in your accomplishments! I had my partner take my photos on a campus of a college that happened to be open near me that I never even attended, they still turned out beautiful and it was a really fun experience taking them! 

Have a Zoom Party 

Forget the Zoom fatigue for an evening and force yourself to virtually gather with the people who matter most to you! Even if it’s just a quick celebratory check in, you’ll be glad you got some face time with your closest friends and family after your big accomplishment. 

Revisit Old Commencement Speeches

Back in May, celebrities and notable figures came out in force to deliver virtual commencement speeches to the class of 2020. This time around, my guess is there will be a lot less attention on the grads of December or the May graduates of 2021, but just because those speeches were made back in May, doesn’t mean they can’t still be meaningful to you now! The advice and words of wisdom those speeches contain are not exclusive to a certain class or school of graduates, and since YouTube exists, they’re accessible to you anytime you need a dose of inspiration! 

Ask Friends and Family for Stories and Advice! 

Ask anyone you know who has graduated about their own experience, chances are, a lot of them hardly remember their commencement ceremonies, or skipped them altogether! Sometimes it helps to remember that although this is a huge achievement, it does NOT need to be one of the greatest moments of your life. The best is yet to come!

Make Sure to Brag!

Don’t forget to flex your accomplishments! Send out graduation announcements or add a sign to your yard or window, let people know! You deserve to be proud of your great achievement.

What are some ways that you are making your at home graduation special? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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