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Your résumé is the blueprint to your future career, and will make or break your application. Hiring managers often look at your résumés to view your experiences and determine if you’re a great candidate for the job.

The résumés are your written elevator pitches, and it’s the first step to making a good impression (before your job interview, of course).

You’ve probably learned about this in your high school seminars or career fairs in college, but not everyone knows how to get your résumés to stand out. If you want to impress hiring managers, here are some important ways to add flavor to your résumé.

Do Your Research

Research the job you’re applying for! 

You want to understand what employers are looking for in employees. They may look for someone that is proficient in a different language, someone who knows how to work with Microsoft Office, or someone that’s great with children.

Knowing the job’s expectations can give you the leeway to incorporate or tweak any similar skills you have on your résumé. 

Be Concise

If you were a hiring manager, would you be interested in a 3-page résumé? The reality is that most hiring managers don’t look through long résumés; in fact, they may immediately put yours aside.

On your résumé it’s important to showcase the straightforward details that matter.

Depending on the job you’re interested in, a prestigious company may not care if you worked at a library 10 years ago, unless it’s important to your growth.

Being concise means limiting too many words, especially in your job experiences. Consider using fragments and short sentences to sum up your experiences, and STRIVE for about 2-3 bullet points for each!

Proofread Your Work

Since we’re on the topic of grammar, make sure that your résumé is free of silly spelling errors and grammar.

Proofreading your work also means editing out unnecessary  details, as well as making sure that it’s easy to read.

Consider the Design

Typically, a well-done résumé showcases all of your skills, education and experiences. There are, however, professional ways to be creative with your résumé.

Consider playing around with different colors and lay out, while also keeping the color scheme professional. For your résumé, if you’re using a template, make sure that the visual components don’t distract from the details about yourself.

Also, many recruiters today are against basic fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial. Using different fonts such as Helvetica or Bodoni can make your résumé stand out even more.

Include a Cover Letter

A cover letter for your recruiter — whether it’s required or not — can help you and your résumé stand out. It shows how dedicated you are for the position.

Cover letters should always be in business format, so make sure that your cover letter matches the aesthetic of your résumé.

Show Personality

While a résumé shows your professional persona, it’s okay to add a few personal elements in too. Consider adding skills, awards, and accomplishments that expand on who you are.

You can also do this in your cover letters as well. This gives the recruiters the opportunity to know about you and how you gained interest in your career endeavors.

What tips do you have to make your résumé stand out? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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