How To Master A Salon Blowout At Home

Nothing beats a salon blowout! Leaving with luxurious locks of bouncy  hair will have you feeling like a  model. Some may think this look is only achievable in the salon chair, but an Insta-worthy blowout can be achieved at home! Here are our five steps to fabulous blown out hair.

Pre-Prep The Blowout

Pre-prep your hair before taking to the tools. Use a heat protectant before the blow out to make all the difference. There are tons of heat protectants on the market at all different price points. Platinum Blow-Dry Mist by Kenra Professional is a super affordable option that has changed the at home hair game. This fine mist protects hair from heat damage, reduces blow dry time in half, reduces frizz, detangles and leaves a soft shine on hair! Just remember a little goes a long way! Using a serum or mist before will not only make your blow out look better, but keep your hair healthier in the long run! 

All the Right Tools

Getting the motions down of achieving a blowout can be tricky. Although stylists make it look oh so simple, getting that curve and bounce with the blow dryer in one hand and a rounded brush in the other takes some serious practice. An easier alternative is opting for a blow dry brush! This product emits hot hair from the brushes center while the round bristles shape and form your hair as you style. The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush is an affordable option at only $29.39 on Amazon! 

Know Your Curve

To get that bouncy salon blow out look be sure to have a plan for how you want to style your hair. Instead of running the barrel straight in a downward motion, curve the barrel towards the end of your hair. This will lead to bouncy flips away or towards your face, depending on your preference!

Cold For A Hot Look

Cold air is your secret weapon! Cooler air seals the cuticle of the hair shaft. This not only reduces the appearance of frizz and breakage, but will lock your style in place. For healthier looking hair that lasts longer, blast cold air for about a minute to seal the deal.  This step may be easier with a traditional blow dryer but can also be completed with your blow dry brush on the “cool” setting!

Strut Your Stuff

Now that you have achieved a salon quality blow out at home go ahead and show it off! Take your newly styled hair out on the streets or even on the gram and enjoy your gorgeous salon quality look!


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