How to Shape and Style Your Brows at Home

They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul. If that’s true, then framing our eyes with a set of stylish brows is an absolute MUST. 

But after applying two coats of mascara, swiping on some liner and doubling up on our favorite shades of shadows, we’re often left wondering what else we can do to enhance our eyes.  

Enter eyebrows — the key to drawing attention to those baby blues or browns.

It’s no secret that shaping your brows can majorly enhance your beauty, creating the illusion of a more symmetrical face and opening up the eyes. But, getting the perfect brows — especially as a budget-strapped girl with major DIY tendencies —  is no easy feat. 

Don’t know how to style your brows? Here’s a guide to shaping and grooming your brows at home.

Map Out Your Brows 

Mapping out your brows is a must — it helps you understand where your eyebrow hairs are sparse, where they are overly bushy and where the hairs grow just right. 

Knowing how your eyebrow hairs grow in will help you determine where to wax, tweeze or thread for beautiful brows. 

To find your eyebrow shape, follow these steps:  

  1. Hold a pencil to your face, placing one tip of the pencil next to your nostril and the other at the inner corner of your eye. The pencil shouldn’t cover the eye area! 
  2. Locate the point where the pencil hits the brow line — this is the inner end of your eyebrow. 
  3. Hold the pencil up to the side of your nose again. This time the pencil should hover across the eye. Your arch is located where the end of the pencil hits your brow bone.
  4. Place your pencil on the outer end of your nose one more time. This time, line up the pencil with the outer corner of your eye. The part of your brow where the end of the pencil hits your brow bone is where the end of your eyebrow should be.  

Choose a Hair Removal Method

There are many hair removal options that can help you clean up your brows, including waxing, tweezing and threading. 


Waxing is suitable for people with thick, bushy brows that want to create more narrow and delicate arches. 

This method also lasts longer than both tweezing and threading, meaning you’ll need less touch ups throughout the month. 


Threading is good for people who want hair removal and want it fast. 

It works by grabbing a series of hairs at once, offering instant hair removal with one seamless pull. Threading eyebrows is faster than waxing because it doesn’t require you to wait for the wax to heat up or harden. 


Tweezing is one of the easiest methods of hair removal on delicate areas of the face. But did you know that repeated use could lead to permanently sparse brows? 

There are, however, some advantages to this old-fashioned method of facial hair removal. For starters, tweezing doesn’t harm the skin like waxing does, and there’s little risk of taking off more than the desired amount of hair because each hair is grabbed and plucked individually.

That said, tweezing your eyebrows allows for the most detailed and accurate brow shaping experience. You might not want to count out this method just yet!

Fill in the Sparse Parts

After you’ve removed any stray hairs around the parts of your brows that are too thick, you’ll want to address the areas of the brows where hair growth is too thin.

While we might not be able to grow fluffier eyebrows — and promise us, we’ve tried — we can create the illusion of fuller brows with makeup.

Use brow gels, pencils or powders to make sparse brows look fuller in all the right places. 

Brow Gels 

A brow gel is the lowest-maintenance and most beginner-friendly key to getting those big, beautiful brows of your dreams. 

For a more natural, fluffed-up look, sweep a clear brow gel liberally across your brows. 

If you’re looking for a bolder brow, colored gel formulas can help you unlock intense and striking results. Try Rimmel’s Brow This Way ($6) for a lightweight formula and long-lasting wear.

Pro-tip: When applying brow gels, go easy on the first few swipes. Less is definitely more, unless you’re going for the boldest brows a la Cara Delevigne. 

Brow Pencil 

For a more precise (and shapely) look, draw individual hairs in the sparsest areas of your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. 

Eyebrow pencils offer some of the longest-wearing solutions for full, lucious brows. We recommend Estée Lauder’s The Brow Multi-Tasker ($29).

Brow Powder 

Finally, if your brows are naturally very sparse, you might want to consider a brow powder. Powders fill in large gaps in the brows, creating a softer effect that’s less waxy than that created with a pencil. 

We recommend Anastasia’s Brow Powder Duo for long-lasting wear in a richly-pigmented, powder formula. 

The only downside? 

The results won’t last as long as those you’d get with an eye brow pencil. 

What is your favorite brow grooming tip? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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