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Welcome back to another episode of “Feel Good Friday’s W/ Liv Teixeira.” On this episode, our host Liv Teixeira focuses on the topic of how to have an incredible day and week. And to Liv, this begins with how you start your mornings. 

This doesn’t mean you need a long or strict routine, but there are two things you should focus on each morning instead. To have an incredible morning, Liv suggests doing something that centers you and something that makes you feel powerful. 

If you can win in these two areas of the day every morning, you can set the tone for the day. By looking at these two aspects of your day and checking them off your list, you will be set up to execute your ideal morning routine. 

What Not to Do 

Steer clear of doing things like looking at your phone, stressing about your day, or going over your to do list the second you wake up.

If you avoid these actions, you are more likely to wake up in a peaceful state. 

A morning routine does not have to be complicated. Liv says that rather than creating a step-by-step list of habits, focus on doing something that will make you feel good. Scrolling through social media doesn’t usually bring the most positive energy. 

Feeling Centered in the Morning

“Centering” yourself sounds a lot easier said than done. what does this exactly mean? You don’t need to do anything major to center yourself. It’s really about take a moment to check in with yourself.

Instead of scrolling through your phone, you might try to center yourself by listening to music. Other things you can do is journal, read a book, meditate or do yoga. 

Feeling calm and one with yourself starts your day off on a positive note. 

Set Yourself Up for a Powerful Routine

We all need the gust of wind to push you through the day. It can be hard to take on a hectic day with zero motivation. 

There really is no write or wrong answer to what makes your powerful routine. It really comes down to what makes you feel strong. This could come from a workout, doing something you’ve been avoiding, or signing up for that class you’ve been scared of. 

Feeling powerful will give you the strength to take on the day. 

Morning Routines Come from Within

When creating your own morning routine, remember that it must come from within. If your morning routine doesn’t look like a perfect check list, that okay! Ask yourself “what makes you feel centered?” and ‘what makes you feel powerful?” 

“Make a commitment to yourself that that is how you want to start your morning,” says Liv.

Reflect on what it is you want from your day, and start your morning off on the right foot!

What do you do to ensure you feel centered and powerful each morning? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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