How To Stay Motivated and Focused Working From Home

From endless classes on Zoom to remote internships, being a college student during the new normal is no walk in the park, or scroll through Instagram as we should say. Students are finding it to be increasingly hard to focus amongst all the chaos of working at home. Whether it be from the kitchen table or on your dorm room bed, staying motivated and productive is a whole new challenge. 

Have no fear, as we have six tips and tricks to up your at home study game and keep your focus.

List It Out

Without being in the classroom or office it may be hard to stay on task. Mapping out your tasks for the day can help! Create a list of what you need to get done so you can keep on track and be motivated to set daily goals. Listing things out not only will help you remember what you need to do but will keep you calm. According to Dr. Carrie Barron of Psychology Today, lists can help curb feeling overwhelmed.

“A list can take you back to feeling pro-active, grounded, calm and clear,” wrote Barron.

Take Designated Breaks

It’s okay to take a break! Help yourself maintain focus by setting designated break times. The breaks can be used to cure your cravings whether it be having a snack or checking your phone. Using the time you have in between breaks to focus will allow you to separate time between work and distractions.

Set Your Space

Set up a designated work place. Desks are best but if you are at home then try your family’s kitchen table. If working from your bed is your go to space then be sure to make your bed. Making your bed allows for you to get the day started and stay focused.

Work It Out

Adjusting to everyone’s at home schedule can be tough. To avoid distractions be sure to talk to your family or roommates about when you need quiet time to focus. Working together on creating a space to focus will lead to success.

Engage Online To Stay Motivated

Be present and active in zoom meetings. Having your camera on and staying alert will keep you focused and engaged. Communicating with your colleagues will only make the process easier to stay on track.

Stay Positive

Don’t lose hope during these difficult times. Reward yourself throughout the day for adjusting to this new normal and tackling your work load while doing it!

What tips do you follow to focus at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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