How to Style a Short Figure

Looking for style tips on how to accentuate your body? You’ve come to the right place. Except this article is for all the short folks standing in the back.

Whether you have a short torso, short legs, or you’re just overall petite, finding clothes that elongate your body can be tough!  Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!  Check out our style tips for how to style a short figure and look the best version of yourself.


 V-neck or scoop-neck tops act like a magic trick to a short-waisted body. Wearing this type of top gives off an extended feature to your upper torso. It elongates your neck and allows the eye to travel up and down your body, making your shape appear longer than it actually is.

The great thing about this tip is it serves for all types of V-neck / scoop-neck tops that create a vertical line going down your body.

Wear Heels

Now this tip may seem like an obvious one, but that’s because it really does work.

This isn’t to say that you have to be strutting around in 5 or 6-inch heels all the time. Actually, it’s the opposite cause super high heels may have a short body looking unproportioned. All you need is a shoe with a little extra plum to extend your body a bit. Heels, chunky sandals and platforms all do the trick.


This one is not only a general style tip, but is even more important for those with a petite figure.

Wear accessories. You’re going to want to focus on necklaces in particular. This simple trick is another one that elongates the body and gives you an extended appearance. This tip works with either long necklaces or pendant necklaces. Between the V-neck top half tucked in and matched with a long necklace, you will be pulling off that short-girl look.

Don’t Tuck In Your Top

This is a pro tip we had to start using ourselves because it works wonders! Don’t be so quick to tuck your shirt in all the way because doing so actually highlights a shorter figure.

Instead, try leaving your blouse out or half tucked in. This will create more length on the upper body, allowing you to appear longer and taller.

Low to Mid-rise Pants/ Jeans

Trust me, I know what you’re going to say. Yes, typically high-weighted jeans are the pants that are in style, for the reason that those pants go over our bellybutton, hiding our stomach. But that’s exactly the reason they’re not helping out your length.

Low to mid-rise jeans allows your body to have more room between your bust line and pants. And now that you have a reason to wear them, they’ll probably feel comfier too.

Don’t Wear Chunky Belts

So this is not to say don’t wear any belts, because belts are a trendy way to accessorize. Although, if you’re picking chunky belts, you’re probably not lengthening your body.

This is because a chunky belt covers up most of the torso area, causing the chest to sit on top of the belt. Try wearing skinny belts that accent you outfit without covering up too much of your body. Chain belts are a great option for this tip!

What are your thoughts on these style tips? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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