How to Style an at Home Bar Cart

At home bar carts are incresingly becoming a stylish staple! These cocktail carts let you bring the bar into your home for entertaining and personal use!

Not only are bar carts a cute piece of décor to take up some space in your living room, but they’re a great way to have fun experimenting with cocktails. Like any other piece of furniture, there’s a lot to consider and narrow down to your taste when choosing the right bar cart. 

What to Look For

When shopping for the perfect bar cart to add to your home, there’s multiple factors to think about. Think about what size is ideal for the room you want to put it in.

Most bar carts are pretty small and take up minimal space but will still require some room arrangement. You also need to consider how big you want to bar cart to be and how much you want to display and store on it. 

Matching Your Materials

When picking the style of your cart, consider the other piece you have in that room and what color your furniture is. If your furniture has silver, gold, brass or other accents it is smart to pick a cart that matches your current space. Whether it be minimalist, modern or retro, have fun with it!

Picking Out What is Practical for You

Think about the mobility you would require. Do you want your cart to have wheels or be stationary? For some, moving the cart around is part of the experience but others may wish to keep it stationary. 

Accessories and Stylize

When filling your cart, there are endless options of what to put on it. Think of what alcohol and drinks you want to have available on the cart as well as a variety of glasses. Don’t forget to accessorize!

Adding some flowers, fruit and accessories for the aesthetic can make all the difference and set the mood.  In order to achieve an Insta worthy bar cart be sure to mix up textures, shapes and even colors!

Carts to Consider

According to TheSpruce, the George Oliver Moshe Bar Cart is the best cart on the market. This cart is an industrial-style cart and comes in either a black or faux-marble top. It also has two levels for storage, a hidden glassware rack, is made out of metal and wood and is mobile with wheels. This cart is priced at $289 on Wayfair.  

The best cart for a low bugdet is the Lauren Foundry Ermont Bar Cart. This contemporary cart offers two levels made out of wood and metal with wheels. The Lauren Foundry Ermont cart is simple and fully functional with plenty of space allowing you to fully stock your bar. It also works for a great DIY paint project like many reviewers tried out. This cart is priced at $102 on Wayfair. 

With the warmer weather on it way in a couple months, now is the time to get ready for your outdoor bar. The Christopher Knight Bahama Outdoor Wicker Bar Cart is a great addition to your outdoor space. This cart is fully outdoor ready and includes a removable ice bucket and wheels. This cart can be found on Overstock for $233.

The Round Bar Cart is a great option if you have minimal space. This retro glam cart takes up little to no room and can fit perfectly in a corner as a side table too. With has two levels made out of gold metal and black smoked glass, there is just enough space to show off your bar contents. This mini cart is priced at $149 on World Market. 

What bar cart aesthetic are you interested in trying out? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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