How to Style an Athletic Body Type

We all have insecurities, but feeling confident in your body and style is a key to feeling comfortable in your own skin. Athletic bodies are often times looked over when it comes to fashion conversations, but this ends here!

With the right tips, learn the best way to style your athletic figure.

Two-Piece Sets

Athletic figures are typically muscular, tight, and rectangular.

Two piece sets are a great way to cut your body and give it a bit more shape.

Jumpsuits are always trendy, but on athletic builds it can make you look stubby and more box like. Sets are a good way to get that jumper look in a much more flattering way.

Corset Tops

Corset tops are automatically sexy, but also give the illusion of a smaller waist.

Often times, with athletic figures, waists are pretty straight up and down. We all know corset tops give you the ability to make your waist look curvier which makes it ideal for this shape. Corsets are a savior that add that sexy feminine flair.

Corsets seem very intimidating, but you can dress it up or down and suit the look based on your style.

Adidas has also hopped on this trend, selling their own corset tops and perfectly mixing fashion and athletics.

Show Off Your Shoulders

Often times, women with this body type tend to have broader shoulders. For this reason, clothing with thin shoulder straps are the way to go.

Thick straps can exaggerate your upper body and make shoulders look even broader. Not only are small straps more flattering, they also allow you to flaunt those muscular, toned arms much easier.

Stars like Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel are pros at showing off their toned shoulders and arms with this tip.


Halter tops and dresses are amongst the most flattering things you can wear for this body type.

Halter necks are perfect because not only do they show off your shoulders and back, but the straps sit close to the neck and come down the upper body at flattering angle.

Steer clear from halters that seem to have thicker straps, as you want to cover the shoulders as little as possible.

Halters are cut in a way that flatters muscularity.

Plunging Neckline

If you want to style yourself for a sexy occasion a plunging neckline is the way to go.

Showing your décolletage has been a classic staple in fashion femininity.

The deep V is sexy within itself because it reveals just enough skin, but this also does not give the problem many women with athletic builds face with other necklines. The main neckline to avoid is a square shape. This shape makes the upper body look much more wide.

The V-neck design helps avoid looking extra broad on top, which happens when there Is a lot of fabric covering shoulders and neck area.

Wide-Leg Pants

Finding flattering pants is one of the most stressful parts of getting dressed for all body types, and athletic figures are no different.

According to Stitch Fix, “pick the pant style that will best complement your top shape.” Wide-leg pants are the answer!

Not only are these pants already on trend, but flowy wide-leg pants are great to help you appear taller. A boot cut style can slim and elongate your body. This is a great option for petite women because this style balances the proportions of your body and accentuates your legs.

What are your favorite style tips? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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