How to Take Your Skin Care to the Next Level

Our skin is our base, our canvas, our foundation. Protecting it is essential. Skin care has becoming a must in so many of our routines. With new skin care trends coming and going, trying to elevate your routine can get a bit overwhelming.

With so many products on the market its time to step up your skin care game! Here are some skin care products and treatments to try that can revamp your routine.

Facial Steamer

With new skin care trends coming and going, it’s hard to dissect what’s a gimmick and what’s legit. When it comes to a facial steamer, this is the real deal.

Face steamers come with many benefits. Celebrity esthetician Renee Rouleau told Elle what steamers really do for your skin.

“You probably think of steamers as a way to soften and open the pores – that’s not the case, as pores aren’t like doors, “she said. “Steamers help to make manual extractions easier to prevent too much stress on skin.”

Steamers turn up the temperature of your skin, which heats up the gunk that is clogging your pores, making it easier to remove and clean.

Rouleau also mentioned that the benefits to an at-home steamer don’t stop there. With the steamer raising the skins temperature, this causes oxygen to flow to the sure and delivers nutrients to the skin cells.

A facial steamer is a skin care game changer, that is worth every penny of the investment.

Our Choice: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare- Pro Facial Steamer  priced at $149.

LED Light Therapy

Using a light therapy mask is getting more and more popular every year. While this used to be a treatment only available at the dermatologist, you now bring the treatment to your own home.

Light therapy can help with things like preventing aging, acne. On top of this, many claim this helps boost collagen and keeps the skin looking bright.

Though a light therapy mask won’t change your skin in a day, it is a product that definitely improves your skin’s quality the more you use it.

The red light in the mask reduces inflammation and helps with blood circulation, while the blue light hills acne-causing bacteria.

Another plus? There is zero pain and zero recovery time after using the mask.

Most importantly, a light therapy mask is completely safe to use at home.

Our Choice: Therashield LED Light Therapy Mask  priced at $199.

High Frequency Facial 

High frequency facials are one of the dermatologist’s office secrets that our making its way into our own hands.

Using what is called a high frequency therapy wand, this facial provides multiple different benefits that improve your skin, and some that go beyond skin.

According to Levy Dermatology, this facial has been credited with, “treating acne, improving fine lines and wrinkles, tightening sagging skin, and reducing dark circles and eye puffiness.”

Others even say this wand helps with improving cellulite appearance and promoting healthier hair growth. What more could we ask for?

On her website, skin specialist, Simone Sydel, gives readers a total breakdown on how to use this product, and the ins and outs of a high frequency facial. Sydel lets us know that because the procedure is in fact non-invasive it is safe to use every day.

Though the wand can look intimidating to use, it is actually very gentle, safe and non-intrusive. These characteristic make it great for sensitive skin.

Our Choice: Skin Gym High-Frequency Wand priced at $95


Microneedling at home is a great way to get rid of scars, spots, wrinkles and large pores.

This is a procedure involving a derma roller, in which tiny needles prick the skin. Why on earth would anyone do this? Mircroneedling helps your skin make more collagen. The little pricks from the needles cause your skin to believe there is an injury to the skin. The skin then responds by forming new collagen rich tissue.

Don’t expect an overnight result. Like most treatments, microneedling takes about four to six weeks to work.

There are no set rules for how frequent microneedling should be done. How often you use your derma roller depends on the length of the needles. With shorter needles, it’s okay to use it very other day, but if your needles are longer treatments should be more spaced out.

Our Choice: BeautyBio- GloPRO Microneedling Facial Regeneration Tool priced at $199

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

The popularity of skin scrubbers increased when the tool went viral for its de-gunking ability.

Better known as a “skin spatula”, this tool is the best when it comes to eliminating all the pesky blackheads that show up uninvited.

How does this work? The vibrations in the ultrasonic tool help loosen up oil and everything else that is stuck in your pores. With each scrape, you can see the gunk coming out of your pores. If you have sensitive skin don’t worry, a skin spatula is great gentle option for exfoliation.

Just like any other form of exfoliation, it is not recommended to use this product every day. Experts recommend using a skin scrubber two to three times a week.

By removing dead skin cells, an ultrasonic facial allows room for new cells to grow, giving your skin a much healthier look.

Our Choice: Nurse Jamie- Dermascrape Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbing & Skin Enhancing Tool priced at $89

Microcurrent Facial

With a name like microcurrent, it’s safe to assume our next skin care treatment involves electricity. Yes, electricity! But there’s no need to be scared.

A microcurrent facial is a painless anti-aging procedure that gives your face a natural lift. The whole purpose of this facial is to tighten the skin as best as possible, without having to go under the knife.

Licensed esthetician, Graceanne Svendsen, spoke to Healthline about the painless procedure.

“There is a gentle, zingy feeling – my not so-technical term – and occasionally as the current applied near the nerve attached to the muscle, it will jump,” she said. “This isn’t painful; it just feels ‘alive’. Most patients love the feeling since it makes them confident that something is happening and a connection has been made!”

For long-lasting results, it’s important to frequently do this facial as microcurrent results are cumulative.

Our choice: NuFACE Mini priced at $199

What product is your favorite from this skin care line up? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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