How To Workout From Home

By: Alyssa Naumann

For those of you practicing social distancing and spending a lot of time at home, it is important to keep moving. While Coronavirus might be keeping you inside, it shouldn’t stop you from getting in your workouts. 
Here are 5 online workout classes that you can use to stay moving and motivated.

Popsugar Fitness 

If you’re looking for a solid free workout class, check out Popsugar Fitness on YouTube. Popsugar offers ranges of workout classes that vary in time. 

Each workout focuses on a different thing like kickboxing, upper-body, abs, cardio and more. 

Daily Burn 

This program can cost some money, but they also offer a 30-day free trial. If you’re looking to transform yourself, check this one out. Daily Burn gives examples of real-life stories of people that had inspiring changes from using Daily Burn. 

Daily Burn is cool because a lot of the workouts are personalized for the user. You don’t need to be a gym junkie either, because they offer workouts for every fitness level. 

With 1-on-1 personal coaching, unlimited training plans and the ability to manage and track your workouts, Daily Burn is a great option for your indoor workout. 

Pamela Reif 

Pamela’s YouTube channel offers a bunch of quick and fun workout classes. They don’t have much equipment required, so it is perfect for people who are starting to experiment with home workouts for the first time. 

From a 5 minute booty & ab workout to a 20 minute full body workout, Pamela’s videos are typically pretty short and easy to follow. The title of the videos tell you what body part she is targetting, and whether or not she’s using equipment. It’s a helpful resource for indoor and online exercising. 


SELF provides guided workout classes from instructors. They are high-intensity and focus on different things like upper-body, cardio and abs. 

Their YouTube channel also has some non-workout videos, so the channel can serve as entertainment while you spend time indoors.

Nike Training Club

NTC is an app available on the app store. It is great for home workouts that have activities for all fitness levels. The programs are designed by trainers with workouts and nutrition plans to keep you healthy while at home. 

They offer on-demand classes or white-board workouts with 15-60 minute sessions. 200 available workouts with new releases each month will keep you busy with a variety of activities while creating healthy food habits.

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