‘I Couldn’t Help but Wonder…’ Questions for the ‘Sex and the City’ Reboot

When the trailer for the “Sex and the City” reboot dropped I nearly lost it. This show, this iconic, hilarious, absurd show… feels like a part of my childhood had just been brought back to life. But very quickly I started to worry, because this revival will either cement my positive feelings for SATC or squander six seasons and two movies worth of goodwill in a mere limited series.

So in the wake of the coming comeback of Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda, here are some questions I want answered before I can know how to feel about “And Just Like That…”

First Off, Where is Samantha? 

Now this is obviously the question on every fan’s mind so I needed to ask it first. We know Kim Cattrall said no for a variety of very valid reasons, but where will Samantha be? 

Obviously Sam still exists in the SATC universe, so will they be killing her off, exiling her to some far away place? It feels unfair to leave us all in the dark about where she’ll be in these already uncertain times!

Will the SATC Cast Be More Diverse? 

We saw a smidge more representation in the movies, but overall SATC has always been very white, and either straight or manic-pixie-dream-gay.

The few episodes that did include lesbians and POC almost always did so as a punchline or irrelevant plot point- Remember how unsupportive the girls were when Sam was dating a woman? New York City is one of the most diverse places in America, so I do hope that if the reboot is going for a more realistic vibe, we see that reality represented on screen. 

Are Charlotte and Miranda’s Kids Gen Z Now? 

Charlotte and Miranda both had their children well within the parameters for them to be considered Gen Z, which instantly makes me nervous, because who on the writing staff will be handling that?

Nothing could make the series more painful, particularly for the Gen Z SATC fans  than watching three child actors pitifully portray a 40-year-old’s vision for what a Zooner kid would be like. I hope there is some young representation in that room!

Where’s Big?

Okay so no one technically was even in the reboot trailer, but Mr. Big’s absence felt notably more potent than the others. With his advanced age beyond any of the SATC women, and a rumor that flew around about an unrealized script for a third SATC film where Big DIES, I am quite concerned about the health and wellness of John.

When SJP was asked by a fan where Big was, she replied simply, “Wait and see.” Which once again, I highly protest all this added mystery in these trying, unprecedented times.

What questions do you have for the “Sex and the City” reboot? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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