Idris Elba Quarantined

This past Monday, actor Idris Elba announced that he has tested positive for COVID-19 despite having none of the known symptoms for the virus. The English actor, writer, and producer held a video Q&A the following Tuesday to give an update and address the public response he has been receiving via Twitter of conspiracy theories and misinformation: “Please stop sending the conspiracy-theory nonsense about black people not being able to get coronavirus or COVID-19. It’s dumb, it’s silly, it’s very dangerous. There are so many weird conspiracy theory things going about. … If you’re sending that stuff out or manifesting it, it is not the time. People need to know facts, need to understand the truth, so that they can protect themselves.” The 47 year old actor had been in Santa Fe, New Mexico, working on the upcoming Netflix movie “The Harder They Fall,” and revealed late last week he learned someone with whom he had been in contact had tested positive for the coronavirus. On Tuesday, Elba confirmed the contact had occurred on March 4 and immediately volunteered to be tested after getting the news. Elba further explained how the situation unfolded on his twitter: “I’m on location about to start a film and the news breaks that this person, who’s also in the public eye, had tested positive. … I was about to start filming and I was around a lot of people, and quite honestly, my job made me [get a] test immediately. We were really lucky to test very quickly because of this shortages of tests. I had my test in the morning and [my wife] landed in the evening. … We live together all the time so we took the calculated risk as a couple to be together.” Elba’s wife, Sabrina Dhowre, was on her way to visit him while Elba awaited test results. The model, actress was tested Tuesday and is awaiting her own results.

                The “Luther” star now finds himself on quarantine like many others around the world who have popped for this new strain of Corona Virus. At least he has his wife to keep him company as the recommended quarantine time is at least two weeks. Other, non-infected, people may be trapped at home due to closures of their work. In any case it is important to know the facts and decrease any chances of contracting the virus and or spreading the virus further. According the Harvard Medical School: “A recent study found that the COVID-19 coronavirus can survive up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard, and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel. The researchers also found that this virus can hang out as droplets in the air for up to three hours before they fall. But most often they will fall more quickly.” The website also goes into the easiest preventative measures one should take including, “As much as possible, limit contact with people outside your family. Maintain enough distance (six feet or more) between yourself and anyone outside your family. Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for 20 to 30 seconds. As best you can, avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Stay away from people who are sick. During a COVID-19 outbreak in your community, stay home as much as possible to further reduce your risk of being exposed. Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces in your home, such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets, and bedside tables, every day.” So wash your hands, grab a blanket, and get comfortable. The faster we get through this, the faster we get back to our normal lives. Don’t be selfish and take responsible steps in your daily life to help prevent the further spreading of Covid-19.

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