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Let’s get real for a second, healthy habits can be hard to form and even harder to stick to. Then adding a pandemic and multiple lockdowns on top of that? Building and sticking to healthy habits can seem impossible. If you follow these simple steps you can create a happier healthier you, even during a pandemic!

Know Your Why

When starting out on implementing healthy habits its important to keep me in mind why you want to curb those bad habits and implement better ones! 

Keeping this in mind will help you stay on track. A great way to establish your why is to journal, make a list or create a vision board. By referencing this throughout the process, the “why” serve as motivation.

Change Your Mindset

Whether you want to start eating healthier, reading, or even drinking more water, the easiest trick to building a healthy habit is understanding why you want to. It can be for yourself, for your health, for your future. 

This is harder than one might think. Just because I feel fat isn’t enough motivation to eat healthier, or I would have done it a long time ago. Habits start from a positive mindset. 

The new normal. The ice melting story. 

Make Small Changes

Twilight wasn’t filmed in a day or whatever that saying is. You can’t expect to wake up one day and be perfect. Building habits takes time. 

If you used to eat fast food for every meal, you probably won’t be able to overhaul your eating trends in one days. Start off small. Cut out soda. Eat three meals a day consistently. 

Have an Accountability Partner

A friend or someone you hire. Not someone meant to bring you down. Just to check in. Push you more than you would push yourself. 

Forgive Yourself

One of the hardest things when trying to live a healthier lifestyle is the “failures” that we face. People tend to have one cheat meal then give up, or get one bad test grade and think they’re dumb. 

If you take that relapse for what it is, a one time thing, you can set yourself back on track. Be kind to yourself and you will be more likely to keep trying. 

What are some healthy habits that your looking to incorporate into your daily routine? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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