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The holidays have arrived and are in full swing all around us. This time of the year is tough for a lot of people, and this year that sentiment is only amplified.

The reality of the situation is the holidays are looking very different for all of us.


Because of the pandemic many of us are without a loved one, dealing with stress and anxiety, financially struggling, and lonely. On top of all this, people are now dealing with not being able to come home for the holidays.

A time that is usually spent in crowds, at parties, around the ones we love the most has been completely flipped.

To put it simply, it sucks. There is this immense pressure put onto us to be fun and cheery  during this time of year. No one wants to be a “Grinch” and sour the mood, so often  these feelings are buried. We’re scared to reach out and admit we need someone. It’s time we acknowledge that more of us are feeling this way than we think.  

Let’s Be Honest

Times are scary. We are living through a global pandemic, social uprisings, and intense political tension. Can we be blamed for feeling overwhelmed? It’s only natural.

If you’re spending the holidays alone this year that could be very hard on one’s mental health.

Why are the holidays a time to put on a façade? They should be the time where we can be our most vulnerable selves. Realizing you are not alone in your feelings and that your feelings are completely valid is the first step in overcoming the struggle.

Give yourself time to experience your emotions. As cliché as it sounds, you really are not alone. So many other people are in the same boat and talking to others can help us see that.

What Can Help?

The importance of doing things that bring you joy is not stressed enough.

This holiday season it is all about you! Taking time for yourself and enjoying even little things can really make a difference. Be selfish. Prioritize yourself.

Helpful distractions include journaling, pampering yourself, finding a new podcast or book to devour.

There are various apps that could also come in handy. Calm is a meditation app that is becoming more and more popular. It was designed to sooth listeners, with their app description saying, “You’re going to get through this, and all you need is a moment.”

BetterHelp” is another app that goes a step further and connects you with licensed therapists and counselors online. It is very convenient and an easier way for new comers to dip their toe into therapy.

When it comes down to mental health, please seek professional help if needed.  

Though we are living in somber times, we are living through them together. The holidays may feel sad and lonely this year, but the good news is just like any other day, they’ll pass.

What are some ways that you ease the feelings of this less than normal holiday season? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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