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James Middleton and His Struggle with Depression

Kate Middleton’s younger brother, James Middleton is getting candid about his struggle with depression and how his dogs have helped him through some “troubled times” in his life.


Despite Middleton’s fruitful life, he still wasn’t “immune to depression.”

The 33-year-old describes depression as an, “illness, a cancer of the mind.” 

Middleton appeared on BBC’s Sunday Morning Live to open up about how his dogs have helped him through his depression. Particularly, his black cocker spaniel, Ella. Ella has been Middleton’s companion for ten years. She has been by his side to all of his therapy sessions. 


Sharing on his Instagram, “Dogs don’t just change lives… they save them.”


He goes on to say, “they’re a very, very loyal companion. For me, during troubled times and good times, they’re my consistent.” 

James, talks about how Ella gave him the courage to speak up and seek help, “I would go so far as to say that I owe Ella my life, and she doesn’t know that.” 

Ella is not James’ only dog, he is also a dog dad to Zulu, Inka, Luna, Mabel, and Nala. 

Paw Print Fund

This past April, Middleton announced that he is launching the Paw Print Fund. This fund is an organization dedicated to aiding animal welfare charities. It is his way to help those who are going through the same thing he is. 

Middleton announced that he is launching the Paw Print Fund to support the nation’s animals and pets. By raising funds enabling charities to continue with their work and support owners who have been affected by the pandemic.

He continued to add, “Together, we can help support pets and their owners, helping them stay in their homes and prevent rescue centres from being overwhelmed.” 

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