Jeffree Star Announces Break-up

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By: Becky Root

Nafree no more. Youtube make-up artist, Jeffree Star, split from his boyfriend of five years, Nathan Schwandt. Though fans had no idea, the January 1st mansion tour video of their new home in Hidden Hills, CA would be their last together. Some fans shared concerns that Nathan “seemed off” in the video. After a series of canceled events, Jeffree removed “wifey to Nathan” from his Instagram bio, which fan speculation spiraled from there. Finally, on January 11th, Jeffree posted a video entitled “We Broke Up.” In the video, he admits they are a few weeks into their break-up, expressing, “This isn’t like an internet fight. This isn’t drama. This isn’t tea. This is my real life, and me and my soulmate are really going through it.”

In the past, commenters have speculated that Nathan was only with Jeffree for his money. However, Jeffree shoots this down in the break-up video stating, “He met me when I had nothing and he never changed.” In “Boyfriend Q&A Part 1” video from 2016, Jeffree explains that he appreciates how Nathan’s family treated him, and in the break-up video, he high-lights Nathan’s devotion as “the only man that was ever confident enough to love me.” Nathan deleted all of his social media accounts in 2019 because according to  Jeffree, Nathan doesn’t want to be famous. Jeffree also addresses rumors that circulated in reaction to his own social media silence the last few weeks, specifically that his mom died. “Imagine your own mother wakes up to see a news article that she’s no longer with us?” Jeffree asks while debunking that rumor, but confirming she is still facing health issues. Though Jeffree never points to one direct cause of their break-up, he blames having such a busy schedule and not being able to process the loss of Nathan’s grandfather, Nathan’s brother’s seizure, or the loss of two beloved dogs. In the break-up video, Jeffree reveals, “We haven’t processed our emotions. We’re both broken and we’re both so busy being there for each other, that we forgot to be there for ourselves.”

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