John Mulaney and Olivia Munn Reportedly Dating After Anna Marie Tendler Divorce

That was fast! Just days after news of his divorce went public, comedian John Mulaney has already moved on. Mulaney is reportedly dating none other than actress Olivia Munn.

Moving On

Last week, the internet recoiled in shock at the news of Mulaney finalizing his divorce with wife of seven years, Anna Marie Tendler. Three days after the announcement, a source close to the 38-year-old comedian confirmed that Mulaney is seeing the “X-Men” actress.

According to the source, the relationship is “very new”, and “they’re taking it very slowly.” 

Although the divorce was only finalized this month, the split had been in the works since about three months ago. Tendler says the divorce still left her “heartbroken,” and she revealed it was “John [who] decided to end the marriage.”

 The Munn- Mulaney Timeline

When Mulaney checked himself into a rehab facility last year, Munn tweeted her best wishes to the comedian.

“Sending SO MUCH love and support to John Mulaney. You got this,” she wrote.

The 40-year-old actress has never tired the knot. However, she was dating NFL star Aaron Rodgers, and the relationship ended in 2017.

Apparently Munn and Mulaney met back in 2015, as they both attended the same wedding. Mulaney’s ex-fiancé Tendler was also in attendance. 

Even back then, the Munn had admitted to being “obsessed with hanging out with and talking with him.” She recalled emailing him after the event but explained he never emailed back. The actress joked that she’d probably just got the wrong email address.

Church Romance

Despite their past interactions, we were all left wondering, how did this romance sparked?

The source revealed that Munn and Mulaney crossed paths at a Catholic church. 

News of Mulaney resuming church visits and reconnecting with the religion has come as an added layer of surprise to fans, as he regularly talked about not enjoying being raised Catholic in his comedy. 

Both Munn and Mulaney have kept quiet after the dating news.

However, Mulaney’s representative told Page Six, “John will not have any further comment as he continues to focus on his recovery and getting back to work.” 

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