John Mulaney Has Checked Into a Rehabilitation Center

John Mulaney has checked himself into a Pennsylvania rehab center for cocaine and alcohol abuse.

Page Six reported that the 38 year old stand-up comedian and former SNL writer is fully cooperating with rehab where he will be for 60 days. 

Mulaney’s Life and Comedy Career

John Mulaney is the sweetie of comedy. He always dressed in a three piece suit as if he’s from a different time. Mulaney also refrains from using extremely raunchy words unlike many fellow comics. Makeup artist Annamarie Tendler has been married to Mulaney since 2014. The two share a dog named Petunia.

In his 2012 special “New in Town,” Mulaney said, “I don’t drink. I used to drink, then I drank too much, and I had to stop. That surprises a lot of audiences, because I don’t look like someone who used to do anything.”

In addition to his previous occupation as an SNL writer, Mulaney is known for his comedy specials “New in Town”, “The Comeback Kid”, and “Kid Gorgeous.” These can all be streamed on NetflixJust this October, Mulaney returned to the SNL stage to host. 

His Past with Drugs and Alcohol

John Mulaney has said that he began to drink at the young age of 13 for attention. He explained that drinking made him hilarious and he enjoyed making people laugh. 

He said in an Esquire cover story that his drinking also prompted him to start using drugs. He says that he was never a fan of smoking weed, but he “loved” cocaine and tried prescription drugs. Mulaney explained, “I wasn’t a good athlete, so maybe it was some young male thing of ‘This is the physical feat I can do. Three Vicodin and a tequila and I’m still standing,’” he continued,“Who’s the athlete now?”

Mulaney has been very open about his addiction and decided to become sober at the age of 23 after a long bender.

A COVID-19 Induced Relapse

The comedian became sober at the age of 23 and seemingly has been sober since. He even hoped to help friend and fellow comedian Pete Davidson saying that one of his goals has been to show Davidson that “you can have a life in comedy that is not insane — a sober, domestic life.”

Unfortunately, Mulaney has struggled again during the COVID-19 pandemic, causing him to resort back to using. 

Reminder That COVID-19 Has Affected People in Many Ways

Many people have been struggling through this pandemic. There has been loss of loved ones, jobs, and even homes. Staying inside is for the greater good, but it also can take a toll on one’s mental health. Be sure to check in on yourself and those close to you.

Fans and fellow comedians have been tweeting out words of support about John Mulaney’s reported check in to rehab.

Issues of mental health and addiction are serious, and if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please contact the SAMHSA substance abuse helpline at 1-800-662-HELP.

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