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Jojo Siwa has found a special someone! The 17 year old recently came out as a member of the LGBTQ! Community to fans on TikTok. 

A Pop Icon

Known for her iconic side pony, sparkling clothes and always staying true to herself, Jojo has taken the world by storm! She got her start on the hit reality TV series, “Dance Moms.” 

The incredibly talented singer, dancer, actress and YouTube personality said that it was her  “most amazing, wonderful, perfect, most beautiful girlfriend in the whole world” that encouraged her to come out. 

Coming Out to Fans

Siwa said that she knows coming out can be a “very scary thing,” but shared words for those considering the same. 

“Of course not everybody in the world is going to accept it right now, but there are so many people that are going to accept it right now. Even if there’s a million people that don’t accept it, there’s a hundred million that do.” 

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Siwa dished on a conversation she had with her girlfriend about coming out.

“I was like, ‘Technically that was a really big risk that I took posting that,’” she said.

“And she’s like, ‘Why? Because you could’ve lost everything?’ 

Jojo then said ‘Yeah. But if I lost everything that I’ve created because of being myself and because of loving who I want to love, I don’t want it.’”

We send our congratulations to Jojo for sharing her amazing truth with the world! What are your thoughts on this sweet announcement? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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