Jonas Brothers Got The Kardashians Laughing

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By: Jasmine Escareno

The Jonas Brothers have reenacted the meme-able Kardashian fight on their most recent Instagram post, and we’re living for it! Note, how Joe-pretending to be Kim- has a patterned jacket draped on his shoulders and marches all the way where Nick, pretending to be Khloe, who is happily sitting down until Joe uses the iconic line, “Don’t be F***n rude!” Kevin could be seen walking with a can of beer while “Kim” and “Khloe”  are fighting. 

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To give a little background on this argument, on Season 2 of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” the sisters clash as Kim is buying her first Bentley.

Even the Kardashians had a laugh about it as they commented. 

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We can all agree, that this what something great to remember and laugh about.


Herve Leger

Herve Leger

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