Juju Brener Cast a Spell on the Orange Carpet

Bippity Boppity Boo! 11-year-old Juju Brener made a magical appearance on the Kids Choice Awards orange carpet.

Her poofy, blue dress accompanied by blue eye makeup and french-tip blue nails with a sparkly tiara was “Cinderella inspired.”

Her fun-loving, giggly personality lit up the carpet as she stated how “really excited” it was to be at the award show.

“Seeing all these people, a lot of them here are all my favorite influencers,” Brener said. “I know Josh Richards is here, and I’ve been a fan of his since 2020, so it’s so cool.”

Courtesy: Getty Images

Brener is known for playing young Sarah Sanderson in the Kids Choice Award-nominated movie Hocus Pocus 2. The resemblance is uncanny to the iconic Sarah Jessica Parker.

The actress stated that she loved being a part of an awesome film portraying an infamous character.

“I mean it was crazy, it was such a great experience to work with all these people, and everyone was just so sweet and generous on set; I literally loved everyone on set,” Brener said.

Being on set was one of Brener’s favorite aspects, and she reminisced about all the wild, fun adventures.

“I found this one thing pretty funny, It was raining a lot, and it was super muddy during that time. We didn’t have sneakers, and we were running for a scene, and then we all tripped and fell in the mud,” Brener said. “Then our shoes fell off, and we had to dig and find them.”

Despite her dress being covered in mud, she stated she will always hold onto that memory.

Brener has several upcoming projects in the works; one of which is a short film titled Not My Circus, expecting to release this year.

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